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10 important factors to consider in your Medical Website Design

Medical website design is very similar to other website designs like websites for schools, hotels, or any other services.  Although there is not much difference it is different.  Let us know in detail. We, at Medslove Guru, have not only been in medical website design and development for a long but also have a deep understanding of how the medical industry operates. If your medical website design will stand ahead of competitors if your website has these elements.

10 Important factors to consider in your Medical Website Design

1. Service Tab

Service Tab should be displayed prominently towards the top of the website.  Ultimately, your target audience will have the most interest in the services you have to offer.

2. Doctor’s Photograph and Biography: 

This is the feature of medical site design that is often neglected. But if you put yourself in your patients’ place, you’ll realize that it is often a doctor’s credentials that inspire trust among your target patients and prompt them to call you.

3. Before and After Photos:

Before and after photos will serve to prove all that you have claimed under the service column and thus strengthen the trust of the target audience.

4. Blogs and Other Relevant Bits of Educational Resources: 

Quality content is the key to attracting more patients to your medical services. Include informative resources like articles and blogs on your medical website. It not only ensures that your target patients will turn to you when they need medical information, but will also help with your search engine optimization cause.

5. Contact Form: 

Many of your target audience can access your website at the workplace from where they cannot make calls. Embed a contact form in your medical website design.  So that it is convenient for patients to book an appointment or request information.

6. Social Media Bar

A social media bar should be displayed prominently on each and every page of your website. It will motivate and encourage visitors to share your content.

7. Patients’ reviews and Testimonials 

In the healthcare industry word-of-mouth is still the best advertising strategy. Patients’ reviews and testimonials are among the most effective and trusted alternative promotional measures.

8. News and Media: 

If you’ve been in the news, your website is the best place to showcase your newsworthiness.

9. Privacy Policy: 

By stating your privacy and confidentiality clearly, you not only pledge to protect your patients’ sensitive and confidential medical information but also work to strengthen your patients’ credibility in your services.

10. Call-to-Action: 

Call to action is a marketing term for any website design to encourage an immediate response or sale. A CTA most often refers to the use of words or phrases that can be incorporated into sales scripts, advertising messages, or web pages, which compel an audience to act in a specific way.

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