As of 2019, 85% of E-commerce sales were conducted in brick-and-mortar stores, according to a Deloitte report. Suddenly, COVID-19 appeared, forcing traditional retailers to get online. E-commerce numbers soared as a result.

1. Lower prices

Consumers will save money by using an e-commerce store online rather than a physical store because the operating costs are lower. However, among the biggest benefits of e-commerce are lower operating costs. A typical online price is lower than a traditional store price, and e-commerce sites offer more discounts and promotions that can be claimed more easily.

2. Convenient and safe

If you want to shop whenever you want from wherever you want (and it’s much safer), then you should continue to live in this COVID world. Aside from the potential danger of Coronavirus, shopping online is also convenient, as it means you won’t have to face the cold weather, wait in line, or be inconvenienced by other hassles of consumerism.

3. Wide product variety

The internet allows consumers to buy electronics from China, books from England, and even clothing from Paris from the comfort of their homes. Products on the internet are wide and varied.

4. More informed decision-making

When you buy online, you have access to a wealth of information, including:

  • Consumer reviews – your best source of information
  • Product descriptions
  • Usage videos
  • Product guides
  • Social validation

5. Saves time

When time is such a precious commodity, online shopping can save the consumer a lot of time. It makes sense for consumers to be able to purchase where they are (Think with Google, 2018) since 63% of them begin their shopping journey online.

With online shopping, you can access a greater variety of products at a lower price without having to go to a store, wait in line, and then journey home.

6. Shop for convenience

The main reason why customers shop online is convenience. Therefore, businesses need to ensure that their websites provide a seamless shopping experience. M-commerce, which lets customers shop directly from their smartphones, is a natural extension of online shopping.

7. Personalized customer service

Brands’ most valuable customers are also likely to be those who express a strong interest in personalization. A brand’s sales and reputation can be boosted significantly by offering personalized customer service.

Discounts/promotions, loyalty programs, personalized communications, or recommendations are common ways to personalize products and services.

8. Customer insights

You must first be able to collect and understand data if you are going to focus on improving the customer experience. Tracking customer interactions and analyzing them becomes much easier with online selling.

Google Analytics, KISS metrics, Crazy Egg, and many other options exist for data analytics. In addition, you can collect information about a customer’s location, occupation, interests, and how he/she interacts with your website to improve your analytics.

9. Targeted marketing

Businesses can utilize digital marketing to target the specific characteristics of each group of customers simultaneously, therefore reaching a broader audience. You can offer products that are most appealing to your customers if you know who they are. As an example, a sports equipment business wants to boost the sale of bikes. Advertisers can make their bike ads appear only to people who are looking to buy a bike.

10. Space for product showcase

You can include the maximum amount of information about your product on a product page. Furthermore, with online websites, a vast range of colors, sizes, materials, and other product details may be easily displayed, whereas physical stores may find this challenging.

Moreover, eCommerce shop can share their products on social media to inspire and connect with customers.

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