10 Latest Custom Bakery Boxes Designs for Your Bake Shop

Custom Bakery Boxes play a vital role in attracting customers to buy products. They also serve a key role in increasing sales of your bakery business. This versatile wrapper or container comes with several benefits. It protects the items being packed. It manages inventory by aiding in stock rotation and item organization, adding value to the product, etc.

As much as this small piece of corrugated paper is ideal for storage purposes, you can’t just have all things wrapped inside a box. No matter how decorative they are, if you want them sold faster! 

Top 10 Printed Bakery Boxes Designs 

You need eye catching designs that will stand out among many other similar products on the shelves. If you’re unsure of designing one yourself, you can browse through some Printed Bakery Boxes designs that are currently trending. With this, you can tweak the ideal design to fit your business objectives and target audience.

1. Customizable Window Boxes with Versatile Design Options

If you’re looking for a custom designed box, then this is it! This package comes with a rear zippered flap made from solid cardboard. It is perfect for storing extra items such as flyers, pamphlets, coupons, or other freebies, which you’ll give out to get more attention from potential buyers. 

In addition, the design also features an open top cutout which shows whatever is inside without even having to open the box altogether. It comes in different sizes and colors. You can choose that fits your product best.

2. Pretzel Boxes with Smaller Side Gussets

This design of bakery packaging comes with a unique front window. It allows potential customers to see what’s inside before they buy. The main attraction is on top where the logo goes. 

However, the rest of the surface has open space for custom message or branding purposes (depending on what you want). The box features three side gussets, making it stronger and sturdier.

3. Small Cupcake Containers With Multiple Uses

This is another innovative pastry box that doubles as an edible accessory! It offers two different ways to showcase your treats.

  • By tucking them right into the base of this container which has grooves that act as dividers
  • By putting them inside the clear plastic dome cover, which you can close for freshness

If you’re unsure what your target market wants, three different container sizes are available. You can favor one that suits your product best.

4. Small Cake Boxes With Customizable Lid Designs

This is another bakery box design with a concise yet helpful structure. It’s similar to the previous pastry packaging except it comes in two parts. The lid and bottom base to put cakes. 

This allows more decorating since the frosting won’t be fully covered right away. Plus, it adds texture to your display and makes it look much cuter. There are several colors to choose from. Thus, you can print all of them with logos or messages.

5. Window Boxes with Flat Lids For Favors

This bakery packaging is the perfect choice if you’re thinking of giving out smaller items as thank you treats to your loyal customers after a purchase. It’s designed with a clear front that showcases content. 

Plus, it comes in several sizes for various types of products. You can easily bring a custom design to the lid. So, buyers will know what special item they have right away!

6. Customizable Logo Boxes for More Branding Power

Being able to express your brand through your bakery business is virtual. You need a catchy box design that speaks your brand language loud and clear! These pastry boxes come with a large area on top so you can put your company logo or name right in front. 

Also, the design allows you to have full control over what goes on the bottom of the box (completely customizable), like: 

  • How many products fit inside
  • What types of treats you’re selling
  • Etc.

7. Custom window boxes with QR codes

This bakery packaging is perfect for food retailers who want to market their products online. It comes with an open window that offers room for branding and custom messages. 

Still, it also features a QR code. It will give people access to promotional content (such as discounts or freebies) when they scan it using their mobile devices. The good thing about these kinds of bakery boxes is that they’re made of recyclable materials, which are friendly to the environment.

8. Sweet Treat Boxes with Different Designs

This is another unique packaging with an engaging design that immediately lets people know what’s inside! The top part features a window where you can put promotional labels. However, the rest gets covered by custom printed designs or logos. In this way, your products won’t be overlooked in stores. It’s made from sturdy material. Buyers will have peace of mind when purchasing your products.

9. Sweet Treat Boxes for Smaller Items

This Bakery Boxes Wholesale is great for retailers who want to provide additional value to their customers through something extra inside their orders. It contains two compartments. One at the bottom for a single cake and another on top for your most popular small treats!

This way, you’re giving people more reasons to come back. They know there’s an added value in every purchase!

10. Sweet treat boxes with room for custom messages

If you want something with the same design as item #1, but it can allow more creativity, this is a great fit! In addition to the window feature, which shows contents from the top, this bakery box also has an additional cutout space at the bottom. 

You can personalize it with stickers or contact cards. It comes in several sizes too. So, you can match your needs perfectly whether you are selling cakes or larger products like muffins.

Additional Information

If you’re thinking of selling cakes, cookies, cupcakes, or any other types of sweet treats at the best prices possible, make sure to keep these Printed Bakery Boxes designs in mind. They can help your brand stand out more and strengthen its identity.

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