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10 Proven Tips for Successful Home Renovation in Singapore

Home renovation requires a considerable investment in terms of both time and money. For this reason, one must always choose from reputable home renovation contractors for the project. Because renowned contractors have the expertise required to provide the proper finishing to the house. 

However, the remodelling process can still be overwhelming for you as it involves managing multiple things. But with the help of several tips, you can ensure the smooth functioning of the remodelling project. So, let’s check out the top practices that facilitate the successful completion of a home renovation project.

Essential Tips For Successful Home Renovation

Plan Things In Advance

If you create and follow a proper plan in advance, you can avoid unexpected delays later. For this reason, it is important to lay out a proper plan before the start of the remodelling project. It must consist of your requirements from the renovation project along with clearly defined goals.

This way, you have clarity about the remodelling project; and you can convey your needs to the contractor in a clear and precise manner. Moreover, having a plan saves money and helps complete the renovation project within an individual’s budget. 

Decide A Budget

Budgeting is one of the most important parts of a successful renovation project. So, carefully calculate the costs for building permits, material, labour, decoration and interior elements, etc. Firstly, analyse how much money you can invest into the remodelling project. Afterward, compare various renovation blueprints, and choose the one that aligns with your requirements and the budget. 

Moreover, one also has to manage the finances properly, to make the remodelling project a success. After deciding the finances, keep 10% of the total cost as an unexpected expense. If the finances exceed your budget, try to replace the expensive elements and materials with affordable alternatives.

Curate A Renovation Timeline

A renovation timeline provides a rough idea about when the various stages of home remodelling will be complete. A good practice is to make a discussion with the contractor to know about the practicality of the timeline. Also, don’t forget to ask for proper documentation after things are finalised.

This way, one can avoid any disputes in the future if the contractor fails to deliver the services in the promised time frame. Moreover, add some extra days to the schedule. Because things like preparing the site for the project and shipping and delivering the required material also take time.

Look For Recommendations

Recommendations are the easiest way to find good renovation contractors. One can get help from the family, friends, and social circle who recently renovated their home. Moreover, you must only hire the contractors registered with the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Because they operate in accordance with the government guidelines and ensure quality work without damaging the property.

Furthermore, one can contact government bodies like local courts, consumer protection agencies, and disciplinary boards to check if the contractor has a clear track record. Therefore, avoid the ones who had disputes with their respective clients in the past. 

Visit The Project Site

To get an idea about renovation contractors’ skills, one must look at their current ongoing projects. So, ask the contractors about their nearest project location. If possible, visit the site and examine the quality of the work.

Also, make sure that the workers are taking care of the security of the property and not damaging it. In short, hire the contractors whose work seems the most professional to you. 

Show Good Behaviour

Be polite and humble to the renovation contractor and the construction team. Although, don’t hesitate to put forward your requirements or any changes in the project. But make sure to respectfully convey your needs.

It creates a good work environment at the project site. Consequently, the workers are more productive and deliver more work. Also, they ensure quality and good finishing. 

Make A Temporary Kitchen

During the renovation, it is better to create a temporary kitchen for short-term usage. Select an area away from the construction area like the dining room, living room, etc. Afterward, add the essential equipment like an oven, refrigerator, induction cooktop, etc. This way, one can prepare light meals during the kitchen renovation.

Pack Valuable Items

All the items present in the house are affected by the remodelling in one way or the other. For this reason, homeowners need to move various items from one place to the other and use protective measures to save them from any damage. For instance, you need to take the scenery and pictures of the walls, move the vases, and other valuable items. 

Moreover, there are some immovable items like cabinets, shelves, etc, that need to be protected. Also, cover the floor with a suitable protective material because it is prone to paint stains and other kinds of damage.

Regularly Communicate With The Contractor

Regular communications ensure the smooth functioning of the renovation project. So, preferably take the phone number of the remodelling contractor when the project starts. This way, one can regularly communicate with the contractor and convey the requirements and amendments regarding the project.

Also, the contractor can forward the changes to the construction team at regular intervals. By this approach, you are in control of the renovation project. 

Connect Various Spaces

There must be a common theme in the renovations that connect various portions of the house. To make this possible, each room must carry over style elements to the other. Also, hallways and opening up walls can provide the must-have finishing touch to the house. For this reason, painting all the joining walls with the same colour theme maintains the visual flow.


With the help of the above tips, one can get a house successfully renovated in Singapore. To find a reputable remodelling contractor near your location search like renovation contractors in Singapore to get various remodelling options. 

Afterward, select the one that fits your budget and has a good track record. Also, don’t forget to check the HDB license before hiring a contractor. This way, you get high-quality services keeping the safety of the property in mind.

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