10 solutions for your cloud hosting needs

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10 solutions for your cloud hosting needs

If you are looking for solutions for your cloud hosting needs, you should check out these ten key solutions. Cloud hosting means a backup solution offered to users of computers. A company should not experience a computer failure for more than ten days, as recovery is financially and physically difficult.

If this happens, the company will be out of business in just four to five years! Should a major calamity nevertheless occur, recovery or reopening of the company is not so easy, is it? If a lot of data loss occurs within a period of a year, statistics show that a company can definitely go out of business!

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Prevent catastrophic data loss

It has been found that when a catastrophic data loss occurs, reopening or continuing the business does not happen. It often happens that there is no contingency plan, causing most companies to experience a serious data loss. this is for this reason that many companies, including small, new, medium and large companies, are considering cloud solutions. Portable media is an expensive method of protecting vital data.

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An online backup solution that is automated and easy to use is most effective for protecting personal information and securing company assets. No matter what kind of backup solution is used at the local level, the online cloud server can be used in addition to the local backup. The technology to be used must be cost-effective, easy to use, highly secure and reliable.

Make life easy

Life becomes easier when the data remains secure and accessible whenever you need it. Features are easy to use, installation is simple enough, files can be recovered at any time of the day or night, data storage is taken care of off-site, backup is automated and scalability level is very high.

When choosing a cloud hosting server for cloud hosting or storage, there are a few things you might want to consider. Among which:

  • Security
  • Transfer
  • Adequate data storage
  • Encryption
  • Automated data backup
  • Reports and log
  • 24/7 File Recovery
  • Better scalability
  • Receive notifications via email
  • Microsoft SQL Server Plugin and Microsoft Exchange Plugin

A one-time event

Data security is even ensured in the event of data loss due to flooding, earthquake or disaster. The 256 bit AES technology for encryption is to be used for securing important online data and the SSL technology is for encryption. If there are at least 2 backup centers for your online data, there is nothing better – as part of advanced security measures. As one of the most dedicated servers in India is a one time event to ensure easy, secure and automatic backup.

With this service it is no longer necessary to purchase additional hardware. In a quick and easy way, the data can be recovered 24/7 which requires a simple password. Reports, email notifications and logs are also available which can be viewed almost anytime. To ensure that no downtime is experienced, the best Microsoft Exchange and SQL plugins and SQL server plugins can be created. This never shuts down the SQL database. These are some of the important features to consider when considering cloud-based backup solutions for your business.

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