10 Tips for your banners to be successful

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Banner Vinyl banners are one of the best low-budget marketing strategies as they are cheap to print and have the ability to reach thousands of potential customers. Few are promotional tools that combine low cost and high visibility. To achieve success when using them, we recommend incorporating the following 10 marketing tips :

1. Create a simple and attention-grabbing design

The sheer size of vinyl makes it tempting to add tons of information thinking the more the better, but doing so is a mistake. Vinyl signs are seen from a distance so text, images, and design elements must be very large, so they can be understood. The design should be clean and simple, with attractive images and a minimalist aesthetic that doesn’t distract from your message.

2. Reveal the benefits to the consumer

It is advisable to concisely convey the key benefits in the header of the Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment. If the best price, the best service, the best quality product, etc… is offered, it must be specified and highly visible to the potential customer.

3. Include an offer

Make a limited-time offer to encourage customers to respond quickly. The offer could even be included in the title to simplify the design.

4. Call to action

Make it clear what customers need to do next to take advantage of your special offer. The call to action should be short and easy to remember, such as a URL or business phone number. Keep in mind that potential customers only have a few seconds to digest the information so they should be able to take action with a single glance.

5. Corporate image

The banner must include the company logo in order to reinforce the brand image. Over time, a consistent brand image pays off in terms of recognition, loyalty, and respect.

6. Strategic placement

Place the signs in busy areas such as busy intersections, events, and shopping areas. This type of placement manages to reach many people who may not be the initial target audience, but who can become a target when viewing the advertising.

7. Selective Placement

Place the vinyl banners in the areas that your target customers tend to frequent. This strategy works hand-in-hand with the placement strategy, but instead of targeting marketing to the general public, it targets the customer base.

8. Competitive Placement

Place the flags near your competitors’ businesses. Next to your door or on the street, if possible. The idea is to expose our message to our competitor’s customers so that they consider choosing us instead.

9. Opt for quality printing

Quality printing is critical, especially when it comes to outdoor items. High-quality vinyl is the ideal material for outdoors: It is resistant to water, to the force of the wind, it can be reused, and it allows a high-quality image printed with inks that prevent fading and whitening caused by sunlight.

10. Results

It is advisable to include a mechanism for monitoring the marketing campaign. For this purpose, a specific URL can be used to analyze the traffic, and determine how many people respond and how many of them have become customers. You can use a different URL for each banner to know which placement has given the best results.

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