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10 Web Development Features You Must Know

With the shift from brick-and-mortar shops to fast-functioning websites, companies are now relying on the best web development company in the USA to establish and sustain their global brand identity. However, just creating a web presence is not enough because a website should be equipped with the latest features that render it scalable and worth navigating for brand owners and clients alike. Web developers belonging to the top digital agency in the USA have included these strategies in their web development process to create a web presence that lasts a lifetime.


Contact information (such as phone number, email address, and social media accounts) is essential to not only remain in contact with the customers but also to get recognized by Google. If a website does not include its contact information, it might not even appear on the search engine. Furthermore, it is also a feasible strategy to make sure that the site appears user-friendly and trustworthy.

On the other hand, geographical information is an intuitive approach to target potential customers within the vicinity of the company’s location. When a customer types in the service or product they require within their area, they will be more likely to be directed to your website.


Did you know that companies who blog on their websites, produce 67% more leads per month? Unlike the product description, and about us section, blogs include content that connects to the audience and drives them back to the site frequently. It is a marketing strategy that provides an array of advantages to big and small businesses alike.

A blog contains textual content that can say a lot about any topic. Be it a personal blog, or a corporate, fashion, lifestyle, professional one – it is important to keep it relevant and engaging so that the audience reads it till the end, or till they make an action such as purchase or subscription.

However, if you think that a short blog will engage a user to a better extent, you might be wrong. Studies have shown that lengthier blogs containing 1200 words have performed 9 times better than those consisting of 500-700 words.


Nothing speaks louder to a new site visitor than testimonials from other customers. Moreover, 95% of the customers, along with 70% of users do not make their purchase until they are satisfied with the ratings and reviews by others. Product reviews, testimonials, and case studies act like a driving force that leads a visitor to make an action. It instills a sense of trust that renders a brand authentic and credible through social proof provided by people who have interacted with the brand.


Search Engine Optimization is a framework that consists of various rules and processes that allows a website to appear on top of the search engine results. It plays a vital role in the web development process and ensures that a website performs its targeted actions well. It is the SEO strategy that makes a website visible to the potential customers and directs them to deliver the results that the company wants. From a better ranking on the initial SERPs to connecting to the prospective audience, SEO strategy helps a brand not only establish a robust digital identity but also sustain itself in the ever-growing market.


A FAQ section may be beneficial for a web development, but there are times when people prefer to have their queries answered there and then. In such cases, the live chat option comes to the rescue. Moreover, studies have shown that:

  • 44% of the customers think that live chat is the most crucial feature of the website as it answers their questions in the middle of their transaction.
  • 63% are more likely to return to the website that offers this feature
  • 38% purchased due to the live chat feature itself
  • 62% reported that they are more likely to purchase from the website itself.


In addition to customer testimonials, another feature that speaks for a brand’s credibility is a visual depiction of its team and work. If your company deals with tangible goods or services such as landscape design, renovation, or plumbing, it is useful to upload before and after pictures of the results developed through your services. If you do not have a portfolio as of yet, try showing your fleet of machinery to give an insight into your equipment capacity.

On the other hand, if your company offers intangible services such as insurance or is the top digital agency in the USA, pictures of your team and workplace is a viable way to establish a trustworthy reputation in the customer’s mind


You may not know this but subscription offers possess a variety of benefits that would help the brands in the longer run. When a user subscribes to a website, either by email or by a blog post – they receive a constant update that helps the brand linger somewhere in the back of their minds.

In addition, a subscription offer also reduces the cost of acquiring new customers because it drives them to repeat business which in turn contributed to a consistent source of recurring income that pleases both the subscriber and the brand. A subscriber-based business model offers better financial forecasting and consequently better inventory management as the company can make relevant decisions if a customer cancels their subscription.


While it is a wise strategy to focus on the products or service section on a website, it is equally important to build a relevant and strong “about us” section. The latter may not include keywords, but it imparts personalized information to the visitor. Companies tend to overlook this section. Even though it plays the primary role in expressing the brand’s unique identity, their aims and objective, and how they can serve their potential customers.


Consider yourself as a site visitor who spends a sufficient portion of their time looking for an item on the website. Finding the same things in mere seconds by using the search option on another site – which one would you prefer?

Undoubtedly, the latter of the two. Search functionality renders the user experience as frictionless as possible and has been reported to have been used by approximately 30% of the online audience.

Furthermore, sites that offer site-search are twice as likely to witness a conversion than those that do not. Therefore, by providing the visitors with what they want in the blink of an eye and by increasing revenue and conversion. Search tools offer a win-win situation for both parties.

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The social media platform has a more casual approach than a website. From tips and techniques to customer testimonials, it connects to a much deeper extent with the customer. Hence, companies must include their social media icon or section on their websites. The icon should take the customer directly to the social media page to not only increase the number of followers. But to improve conversions as well.


The features elaborated in the article won’t turn out to be a gamechanger for your brand. If you don’t rely on the right brains to implement them.  Hence, the top digital agency in the USA will provide you with a proficient team that will help you create a brand existence that not only resonates with the audience but also converts them into potential and lifelong customers.


Bilal Ahmed Siddiqui

Bilal is a competent Digital Marketer and Content Producer who has managed to establish himself as a valuable employee wherever he has set camp. His skills have always played a profitable role in various projects, as he has consistently dedicated himself to learning and improving.

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