12 Different Birth Month Flowers And Their Meaning

Looking to send the ideal gift for a special someone’s birthday? Make their great day one to recall a blossom arrangement that matches their birth month. We’ve reached just the correct floral gifts to ensure their birthday wonder is unique & oh-so-special. Rumor has it that the custom of commemorating birth with flowers was created long ago when the Romans began commemorating birthdays using certain unique flowers. 

Various flowers were given as gifts & used for extravaganza embellishments depending on the birth month. Today, you can keep the tradition alive by sending a significant arrangement tailored to your adored one’s birth month via online flower delivery services. Each seasonal flower represents unique characteristics & qualities, so send an original, unique, and memorable gift like they are.

January Birth Flowers: Carnation and Snowdrop

It takes a distinctly assertive bloom to flower in the cold winter months. As the most famous birth flower for January, carnations are a sunny spot in this gloomy month. They are among the few blooms that can bloom in cool weather if temperatures stay below freezing.

February – Violet & Primrose

Interestingly, the Month of Love’s birth bloom is not the rose. Rather, it’s the violet & the primrose. Violets are symbolic of purity, modesty, and modesty. These beautifully dazzling purple blooms have been around for several centuries. The flower has heart-shaped petals, which numerous think to be why they were used in passion potions. Primrose blooms are emblems of youth, young love, and eternal existence.

April: Daisy & Sweet Pea

Just because these blooms effortlessly pop up in your field, you cannot afford to overlook them. They make a very significant April birthday gift. Symbolizing purity, blissfulness, loyal love, and integrity, these blooms are amazing to be added to your floral arrangements.

Further, thinking about the innate qualities these blooms carry, people born in April are thoughtful, sweet, loyal, and active.

May: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn.

The lily of the valley has numerous delicate blossoms grouped on one stem. Lily of the valley flowers are white & often arranged with lush greenery to determine the wildflower-like design. This flower represents sweetness, modesty, and motherhood. They’re an incredibly fitting gift for your mom on her birthday!

June – Rose & Honeysuckle

One of June’s birth blossoms is possibly the world’s most famous one – the rose. Roses are long loved for their sleek, traditional beauty. The ancient Greeks & Romans associated roses with love and affection. Although this flower represents love, its definition can vary depending on the shade. For instance, red roses mean romantic love, while yellow ones represent friendship.

July: The Larkspur

Larkspurs are a species of the genus delphinium & the birth bloom in the summer month of July. It’s stated that the Tudors gave the bloom its name because it reached a lark’s spur with its towering spikes and bright petals. The larkspur represents elegance, grace, and positivity.

August: Gladiolus & Poppy

The Gladiolus bloom is sometimes known as a sword lily, featuring a smart, skinny appearance. Thinking of their showy and impressive structure, these flowers are a statement. Whether you pick it connected in a small bouquet for Birthday Flowers Delivery or a full study basket full of Gladiolus, this flower is ideal for entertaining August-born babies.

September Birth Flowers: Aster and Morning Glory

September’s birth blooms are the aster & morning glory. Also known as starworts or frost blooms, asters represent all-powerful love, devotion, and wisdom. Asters are available in numerous shades but are most commonly available with pink, white, red, mauve, or lilac flowers.

Like the aster, the morning glory also represents unrequited love. The flower’s petals open in the morning, hence the name morning praise, to show their lovely, star-like centers.

October – Marigold & Cosmos

Similarly, October’s classic birth flower is the brilliant and bold marigold. These orange blossoms are famous for their strong, spicy aroma. Marigolds are one of autumn’s hardiest blooms and, as a result, are said to be representative of a powerful will and determination to thrive.

November: The Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum, often known as a mum, is the only birth bloom for November. The purpose of this flower which was first developed in China around the 15th century is faithfulness, happiness, and longevity.

The chrysanthemum is not only the November birth bloom. It’s also the flower of option to present on a 13th marriage anniversary to wish the couple a long & joyous life together!

March: The Daffodil

Daffodils ring in the hop & are the ideal birth flower for March. However, these blooms stand for hope, renewal, and rejuvenation and are usually call trumpet narcissus. Daffodils carry various meanings in various cultures. In China, they are presented as a token of good fortune for the New Year, while a daffodil symbolizes faithfulness in Wales- online flowers delivery in ahmedabad is available. Ancient Greeks & Romans believed blooms to have healing powers.

December: Narcissus & Holly

The bloom boasts a beautiful appearance, featuring an unusual trumpet-like structure in the middle. The Narcissus is an instance of nice wishes, wealth, respectfulness, and longing. Thus, this wonderful flower will bring luck to December-born babies, whether presented in a subtle bouquet or any high-end variety.

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