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12 suggestions to make PC support

Tips and tricks to optimize your PC

The new PC boots up in a few seconds and has unmatched speed. But over time that idyllic world falls apart and problems begin. The machine hangs, it seems impossible to support multiple programs at once, and everything seems to move in slow motion.

It’s the moment when you think it’s time to buy a new PC and be able to support it. And while this is one of the possible solutions, before you retire the old equipment, it’s always worth giving it another try.

Here are some tips every user should know:

1. Making sure all updates are installed is critical, because they are additions to the software that can prevent or correct problems. This contributes to PC support improving the operation of the equipment and the experience of use.

2. Many times the machines come with pre-installed programs from the factory that the user does not get to use, therefore, a good recommendation for PC Support is to eliminate them to recover wasted and overloaded system resources. To do this, go to Start\Settings\System\Applications and features, click on the program and choose the uninstall option.

Uninstall Programms

3. It is recommended that you uninstall utility programs designed to manage and tune your computer’s hardware and software in order to support it. Antivirus scanners, disk cleaners, and backup tools often run automatically at startup and quietly consume resources in the background, where they can’t be seen. It’s never too late to remove them and support your PC to recover wasted and overloaded system resources.

4. In the case of Windows 10, the tool called fix performance problems can be activated. To apply it, go to: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\System and Security.

Close-up of a person’s hands on the keyboard of a MacBook. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

5. Many programs are designed to start automatically when you turn on your PC. This is useful for programs that we use frequently, but not for all. To check which ones are triggered automatically and prevent them from doing so (even in the background), you can use the free Autorun tool for Windows that you can download from here. Once installed, open the program and uncheck the checkbox next to the name of the program you want to stop.

Regular Cleaning

6. You have to clean the hard drive. Unnecessary files take up space and slow down your computer. That’s why we recommend deleting temporary ones, emptying the recycle bin, and removing unused items from the system.

Work Gears Performance Optimization Management

7. It is convenient to run fewer programs at the same time, because using many simultaneously increases memory usage and slows down your computer.

8. Restarting the PC regularly is essential. It must be done at least once a week, especially if it is used intensively. It’s a good way to clear memory and make sure that errant processes and services that started running are shut down. In many cases, restarting the PC can resolve performance issues when the exact cause is difficult to pinpoint.

Adding memory

9. Adding more RAM to your PC may be the answer. Windows 10, for example, can run on a computer with 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM, but it can support best with 2 GB. Therefore, for optimal performance it is recommended to increase to 3 GB or more.

10. Use the Disk cleanup option, which is used to erase and make space. To enter Windows 10 you have to type Disk cleanup support in the search bar of the start bar and follow the steps.

Pay attention to your graphics card

11. Change the graphics card according to the use given to the equipment. In general, the average time they last is between 4 and 5 years. But a family or office PC is not the same as one for gamers or for suppport design and animation.

12. Have a good antivirus. Windows Defender comes installed on Windows 10, it’s free, and it’s more than enough to protect your PC and support it. Provides protection against malware and provides free, continuous security updates throughout the device’s lifecycle.

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