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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Look With Polo Shirts

It is hard to find a men’s wardrobe with no polos in. It is a classic apparel design that has maintained its charm over many years. However, one might be confused about how to wear it with the ongoing fashion trends. 

Luckily, men’s polo shirts are available in various fabrics and go well with most pants and footwear. As a result, you are left with multiple choices to style your daily outfit.

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To get the best comfort and elegance, here are four ways to style your polo shirt! 

Everyday Morning Jog Look

If investing in active sportswear breaks your bank, you can simply switch to polo shirts. You can easily pick lightweight, breathable, and sweat-friendly fabric that does not restrict your movement. 

Simply pair it with joggers and sports shoes, and you are ready to head to the gym. The comfort aspect also makes it an ideal WFH garment. 

Long-Sleeved Polos for Casual Brunches

Want to head out to brunch with a friend? You might want to look for something sophisticated and understated. In such cases, long-sleeved men’s polo shirts serve the purpose best. If you are looking at outside seating, even better. 

Even though you might associate long sleeves with the winter wardrobe, you can easily wear such shirts in the spring and fall seasons. All you need to do is pair it right with chinos and sneakers. If you expect a significant temperature drop, you can also carry a leather jacket. 

Wear With a Blazer for Formal Occasions

Heading to the office or a business meeting with a client? Choose to wear a polo shirt with a blazer as it is never likely to go wrong. This semi-formal apparel looks classy and is weather appropriate. 

Based on the event, you can decide the colour code. A black or a white polo with a dark blazer will do the job well. You can pair it with some formal pants and loafers. 

Relaxed, Vacation-mode Outfit

If you are looking for something more casual and vacation-like, pair your polo shirt with smart shorts. You can choose monochrome colours for timeless statements or go with bright shades to add a bit of zing to your personality!

Wear high-top sneakers or other casual shoes to complement the look. This combination works best for beach locations or the summer season in general. 

Go for Plaids

Polo shirts paired with plaids give a vintage, streamlined appearance and make you look incredibly sharp. You can pick a well-fitting shirt and keep it untucked for the best results. 

If you want to bring back the mid-century grace, you can go for pleated pants. Complete the look with formal shoes or leather loafers for an improved look. 

A polo shirt is a staple garment preferred by men all over the globe. However, you might get bored with repeated outfits and want a bit of change in your daily appearance. 

Men’s polo shirts can be interestingly paired with pants and shoes. As a result, you can accentuate your looks on various occasions with no hassles. 

Most commonly, pairing a white polo with a black blazer works well for semi-formal events or regular lunch breaks. Considering the garment’s versatility, you can also opt for brighter shades. 


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