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4 Ways You Can Get Creative With Marine Grade Plywood

Get Creative With Marine Grade Plywood

When it comes to making furniture, we are just spoilt for choice. You are surrounded by such a gamut of options that it becomes challenging to know which one suits your furniture. If you want the best for your furniture, then look forward to Marine Grade Plywood. The Marine Grade Plywood qualifies as the highest grade plywood in the plywood industry. In other words, the quality of the plywood stands unmatched and undisputed when compared to its other contenders. The plywood is also commonly referred to as BWP or Boiling Waterproof Plywood.

Features of a Marine Grade Plywood

The attributes of marine grade plywood makes it one of the most dynamic plywood in the market. It’s also  because of these attributes that this BWP plywood extends beyond the realms of just ship building. As it is suitable for home interiors too.

  • Made with the best-quality resin

Marine Grade Plywood is made with adhesives that contain synthetic plastic resin or a Phenol Formaldehyde Resin that is known for great adhesive quality. Good-quality resins lock in moisture and water. This is how the overall quality of the plywood remains uncompromised. 

  • Known for unmatched strength

The good quality resins and timber determine the strength of the Marine Grade Plywood which by far is the strongest of all the plywood in the market. They are known for their unparalleled strength and durability. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this plywood is heavily used in making docks and boats.

  • Expensive

Given that Marine Grade Plywood is the top-notch quality plywood available in the market, it also tends to be expensive too. Usually, the price of these waterproof plywood sheets depends upon the brand you buy from. They also further depend upon the quality of timber and resin used in the production of the plywood. 

Uses of Marine Grade Plywood

One of the key factors that make this plywood different from the rest is that you can use it both for residential and commercial purposes. This is because they are impact-resistant and their tough exterior surfaces are scratch-proof. Such features have popularised the usage of marine-grade plywood in both the interior decor and shipment industry.

  • Ships and docks

We all know that boats come in frequent contact with water. This is why marine grade plywood is the right option for building the boat, Marine Grade Plywood is waterproof as it resists high moisture, damage, and leakage. Usually, the hull and the curved parts of the ship are made with this plywood. Similarly, docks are built on water. Marine Grade Plywood once more becomes the perfect choice for the docs. Unlike other plywood, they need not be sanded regularly and resists rotting, delaminating, and warping. 

  • Bathrooms

The Marine Grade Plywood is built for making bathroom and sink cabinets, They perform the dual function of preventing the formation of mold and resisting moisture. 

  • Kitchens

Ideally, the kitchen is the second place in your house that faces maximum exposure to steam and water. Therefore, it’s best to construct kitchen cabinets with Marine Grade Plywood as it helps to stave off moisture while retaining their original look and feel.

  • Living rooms

To make your living room look more appealing and alluring, you add a wooden panel across the windows. This wooden panel adds class and depth to the living spaces. On top of that, when you construct it with Marine Grade Plywood, it withstands the high intensity of rainwater and moisture content. 

Greenply- Get the Best Marine Grade or BWP Plywood

Greenply India’s best plywood brands offer premium quality BWP Plywood. Their range of BWP Plywood is known for its impeccable strength, durability, and perfection. This water-resistant plywood is accompanied by features like ViraShield Protection, borer-proof, fungus-proof, and even an Anti-termite guarantee. You can use their BWP plywood for making shelves, cabinets, wardrobes, etc. Here are some of the best-selling BWP Plywood of Greenply

  • Green 710/ Marine Grade Plywood 
  • Green Gold Platinum
  • Green Club 5 Hundred

If you are looking for a more affordable option that does not compromise on its quality, you can go for Ecotec Platinum 710 Plywood.

In conclusion, the combination of strength and quality of Marine Grade Plywood or BWP Plywood can make your furniture last longer. The furniture is more than just a decorative appeal. It should be strong and durable to resist all the externalities and anomalies that come in the way. Be it moisture, water, heat or, even a termite attack, your furniture should be able to tackle these all. This is why using Greenply’s BWP Plywood is the feasible and perhaps the best decision you can make for your furniture. Not only does it perform the basic function of withstanding moisture, but its additional features offer overall protection to the furniture. To know more about this multifaceted BWP plywood, visit the Greenply website.

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