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5 Blunders You Should Avoid When Selecting Balustrades

Here are the 5 most common mistakes to avoid for every homeowners when selecting glass balustrades.

When choosing a balustrade system, you get more choices today than ever! Thanks to the modern innovation and developments in materials and installation methods. Whether you want to upgrade your balcony, staircases, or complete a decked area or outside patio, you can get the desired look and feel. Homeowners have shifted towards stainless steel and glass balustrades as it creates open and bright spaces with sharp, contemporary aesthetic appeal. And if you prefer glass balustrading, you can choose from frameless glass balustrades and semi-frameless glass balustrades.

Here are the five common mistakes that you should refrain from when selecting balustrades:

1. Undertaking Balustrade Installation as a DIY (Do It Yourself) Project

Never underestimate the work involved in balustrade installation. If you do not have the experience installing glass balustrades in line with the building codes, it can be a very complex process causing you needless headaches. It is not recommended to install glass balustrades all by yourself – if you do, then you may not get the security cover of warranty, insurance shield, and expert know-how that comes with using a contractor.

You may risk heavy penalties or accidents if you don’t get the glass balustrade 100% compliant with the BCA codes. The money you save by DIY-ing balustrade installation may end up in pricey mistakes, which would be taken care of by the balustrade contract or otherwise. It is better to hire a reputed balustrade contractor who has trained and experienced balustrade installers to provide a seamless glass balustrade installation.

2. Only Considering Visual Appeal & Not Safety

What looks good for the eye may not be safe or fulfil Australian standards. So you have to give priority to safety when selecting balustrade. And non-compliance could lead to penalties from your local council, or an accident may happen. Furthermore, insurance companies may deny claims if the glass balustrades are not compliant, putting the responsibility back on the owner.

3. Focusing Only on Price & Ignoring Other Vital Considerations

Don’t let price alone dictate your decision; instead, you should also consider the following:

  • What all does the quote include?
  • What are your lead times?
  • Does it have a warranty?
  • Does it fulfil the Australian standards and BCA codes?

And remember the saying – You Get What You Pay For! So do your research on companies before you get quotes from them. Make sure you deal with the right company and proper products, which will save you from purchasing a substandard product.

4. Not Researching for Options

Consider various aspects, such as maintenance, safety regulations, and visual appeal before purchasing the glass balustrades. Consider what designs you like and dislike and take note of the same. Before you visit a glass balustrade supplier, look at the photos of available glass balustrade designs on the balustrade supplier’s website and see if you like any designs to match your home design and decor.

5. Getting Quotes from Many Suppliers

Getting too many quotes will make your decision-making task even more confusing. So research the most trusted companies and get two or three quotes that will be helpful for you to make a prudent decision. And compare those quotes on product quality, lead times, what it includes, and the value it offers for the money.

Vital Considerations

  • If you have small children, then think about balustrade safety and maintenance.
  • When you research the balustrade companies for getting a quote, verify how reliable they are? Whether they are a registered builder or not? Do their products satisfy Australian standards? What is their standing in the industry? Can they provide testimonials or reviews?

So, when you do your research, it will save you from contacting the wrong builder or getting a substandard product.

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