5 Easy Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1328

QuickBooks Error 1328 signifies that the update of your QuickBooks Desktop is either incomplete or incorrect. It might also reflect that your system has some corrupt or damaged files, which are affecting the upgradation process and overall working of the QuickBooks application & hamper your day-to-day accounting job. 

First, let’s understand the various reasons behind the QuickBooks install error 1328, and later, we’ll also discuss different methods to fix the issue. 

You might see the following error message on your computer screen:

Learn how to troubleshoot QuickBooks update error 1328

Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 1328

A few causes of the QuickBooks desktop error 1328 which create problems while updating your QuickBooks Desktop app are:

  • An improper downloading process.
  • Corrupt QB files can also cause error 1328.
  • Your system has been breached or attacked by malware or antivirus.
  • The incorrect or inappropriate installation process can also lead to error 1328.
  • Corrupt or invalid entries in the Windows registry.

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Update Error 1328

Now, here are some methods that will help you get rid of QuickBooks desktop error 1328 and work on QuickBooks Desktop hassle-free:

Method 1: Locate the config.msi file

  • Go to the “Start” button and search for “File Explorer.”
  • In the “File Explorer,” head towards the “Local Disk (C:)” and go through all the folders.
  • Click on the “Tools” options and choose the “Folder.”
  • Tap on the “Tab” option & then select all hidden files and folders.

Rename config.msi Image

  • Look for the “config.msi” file & right-click on it to rename the file.
  • Add “OLD” as a suffix to the original file name.
  • Save all the changes so that all your hidden and public files are safe on your system.

Method 2: Use Registry Repair Tool

Clean the system junk files Screenshot

  • You must download and install any “Registry Repair Tool” and repair the damaged registry entries related to the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Also, deploy a malware repair tool to remove malware from your system.
  • Simultaneously, you need to remove any kind of junk files from your system.
  • Check for all the outdated PC drivers and either uninstall or update them with the latest version.
  • Restore all the previous settings by doing “Undo” through Recent System Changes on your system.
  • After following all the previous steps, uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Now, run your “Windows System File Checker” and run a scan for new updates and files.
  • Install all the updates and try updating your QuickBooks Desktop again.

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Method 3: Repair your QuickBooks Installation Process 

  • Go to the “Start” menu and search for “Control Panel” in the search bar.
  • Open “Windows Control Panel” and look for the “Programs & Features” option.
  • Amongst the list of installed programs & features, look for “QuickBooks Desktop” & right-click on it.
  • Select “Uninstall/Change,” and in the installation tab, choose “Repair.”
  • After the repair is complete, open your QuickBooks application and apply patch changes.

Method 4: Re-install using a Clean Installation

Clean Install Utility Screenshot

  • Before going forward with this method, uninstall the existing QuickBooks Desktop application on your system by going to the Control Panel.
  • You can use two different methods to perform a clean installation of the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The first method installs the QuickBooks Desktop directly from the installation CD Drive.
  • To opt for the second method, you must install the desktop app with a pre-downloaded installation file on your system.
  • Installing QuickBooks Desktop directly from a CD is relatively easy and safe.

Method 5: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Installation Issues tab in Tool Hub Image

  • For this method, you’ll have to download and install “QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.”
  • After closing all the programs, including some unnecessary background apps, run the QBInstall tool.
  • The installation process will require some time, so wait a few moments before restarting your app.

NOTE: Average time taken by the installer to install the software is 20-25 minutes. If it takes more than the specified time, wait for it to complete & do not close the installer; otherwise, it compromises the complete installation process & software.

  • Finally, restart your system after running the tool to ensure that all the files and services are updated.


We hope we have discussed everything at this point, from the causes to all solutions to troubleshoot and avoid QuickBooks error 1328 in the future while accessing the “QuickBooks Desktop”. Remember, you will come across error 1328 whenever there is any incorrect or improper attempt at updating the QuickBooks Desktop application. Therefore, resolving the error as soon as possible is essential, or it can harm your system by decreasing its overall efficiency, or you’ll have to bear a data loss. All these methods are reviewed and recommended by our team of experts, who have a great reservoir of knowledge about QuickBooks and the errors you all face while using it. 

For any further assistance you can contact us or directly connect with QuickBooks error support team via our helpline i.e., 1-800-615-2347 or drop a mail at info@axpertadvisors.com.

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