5 Exciting Ways to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

When relationships last a long time, they become comfortable, and that’s a good thing! Your partner should feel like ‘home,’ and you should feel comfortable enough to be your true self with them. Comfort, however, can make it easy to take things for granted. 

Keeping your relationship fresh both inside and outside of the bedroom is great for you, your relationship, and your future. You may be an adult, but you still have a whole life to lead together, and growing as a couple is the best way to stay happily together. 

This fun, easy tips will help you keep your relationship fresh and exciting and bring you even closer together. Start today, try them out, adjust, and find your own way to keep your relationship fresh together!

Try New Experiences Together

A superb way to keep any relationship feeling fun and fresh is to try new things together. There are so many ways to experience new things together, with these being the top tips: 


Whether you are discovering a new area of your city or state or going to a new country altogether, exploring is a great way to feel adventurous and find ‘secret’ places just for you and your partner. 

New Foods 

Go to new restaurants and try new cuisines together so that you can share that experience. Taste and especially smell are two very powerful senses, and introducing new experiences this way is an easy way to spice up date night. 


Take a class together, read the same book and then talk about it, watch documentaries, go to museums and galleries – the list goes on and on. Learning is a great way to understand more about the world and who you are in it, so who better to learn with than your life partner? 

Explore Your Fantasies Together 

To spice things up in the bedroom, you will also want to try new things and, most importantly, put more emphasis on the quality time and foreplay you undertake with each other. You don’t have to rush towards an orgasm to have great sex – in fact, slowing things down and introducing new fantasies and toys can help. 

Introduce Sex Toys 

Sex toys are a fantastic way for anyone to spice up their sex life and keep things fresh. For the best experience, however, see what toys interest you that will add a whole new element to your relationship. 

For example, those in queer, lesbian, and even straight relationships, may find that strap-on dildos are an amazing way to add a whole new dynamic to the mix. You can buy dildos at wetforher.com as well as attachable harnesses (on top of other pleasure-boosting accessories). 

Try Out New Fantasies 

You might also want to try out different fantasies. Before you do this, you should always have a conversation beforehand, especially if it involves any risk (like breath play). Feeling and being safe is number one, and you both need to be on board with trying the fantasy out to find the happy medium that works best and keeps your sex life passionate.  

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