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5 Focus Areas Infront Of Dubai Investors For Investment Purpose?

Dubai has become a major attraction for investors in property. It has steadily been accessible for its fast and luxurious life in the past years. International airports are the primary connection with frequent flights worldwide with most major destinations in the world.

Dubai is 90% based on foreign population with the highest number of investors and is the second home. And it’s not surprising, since the Emirate offers unparalleled grounds that encourage residents to invest, such as the granting of citizenship and golden residency visa, Investors with enormous investment quantities are capable of a ten-year golden visa.

In 2021 Dubai recorded the highest value of real estate sales transactions in 12 years, with Dhs151. 07bn worth of properties sold throughout last year.


To get the best investment plan, and guide, connect with a real estate agency. Next level real estate is the best real estate guide in Dubai, and you can simply say that next level real estate in Dubai is created by experts and managed by experts for safe and healthy future investment in Dubai.

  • You don’t want to invest your hard earn money randomly,
  • We completely understand your concern and interest and give you a flexible solution for your investment in property in Dubai.
  • Good return on your investment in the future with some extra perks of facilities.
  • Here are some big areas in which you can invest in Dubai for future security and live a happy and luxurious life.

Emaar Beachfront

Whether you want to invest for your kid’s future, for your own living house, or saving assets for rainy days, we are here to solve all your problems related to property investment in Dubai.

An Emaar beachfront apartments is the best investment option if you want to live seafront living and have a happy life.

  • Diversified payment plan with modified structure and building plan.
  • There are off-plan projects and ready projects available in Emaar beachfront residence.
  • Off plan projects are those projects which are under construction or yet to be started in the future,
  • Off-plan projects are reasonable with good payment plans and easy on the pocket.
  •  Emaar beachfront houses residential towers of nearly 27 with a total of 10,000 residents.
  • A luxury beach living with beachy winds and fascinating views 

The Emaar beachfront residence is highly developed with elite class eateries and malls, apartments, buildings and Buyers can get benefits from investing in Emaar beachfront apartments and villas. On purchasing a property at Emaar beachfront, residence owners can easily access the beach, barbecue area, gym, and pool.

Additionally, the residents of Emaar will have more options to entertain and relax in the beach sports and walk on the beach with the sea breeze.  And suppose you want to sell your property after some duration of the residency. In that case, you will get a high amount of profit return as the value of property constantly goes up at Emaar residence Dubai.

Hence investment in Emaar beachfront is never a regrettable decision ever.

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Dubai land

Another area for best investment return is Dubai land, If you are looking for a place to call home, then you are at the right place. Dubai Land is just what you need, a peaceful place to reside with an extensive selection of properties in the city’s center.

If you want to invest in Dubai land, then a social, economic, and sustainable lifestyle welcomes you there at Dubai land. Leading a luxurious life with a higher return profit than Dubai land investment is the perfect choice to invest.

  • Nobody wants long routes and distant residences living.
  • Dubai land is just located in the center of the city.
  • Get in touch with experienced real estate in Dubai to know other dos and don’ts of investing in Dubai.
  • Next level real estate serves property investing services to their beloved clients in Dubai.

Other amenities are.

  • Park
  • Walking path
  • Fitness gym
  • Easy access to transport
  • An amusement park for kids
  • Close to airport
  • New apartments
  • Safe living

The uniqueness of Dubai Land is that it is an urban cluster with carefully planned infrastructure,

Dubai Creek harbour

Dubai creek harbour is an artificial waterways residence made for the ease of trade ship. The upcoming centerpiece of Dubai Harbour is the Dubai Harbour Lighthouse with a 443 ft high observation deck that offers incredible 360-degree views of Dubai.

Dubai creek harbour is a beneficial investing area with high rental yields and investment returns. The off-plan project of Dubai creek will surely return a high amount of profit to the investors. The creek harbor is designed for families living in luxury residences with high security.

As well as individuals living with the freedom to live on, setting limitations and rules of the area must be follow. Modern villas and apartments are designed with a loving hand and thoughtful mind for people who are looking for a family residence or investment property.

Family residence investment will bring out high rental income.

The creek ranges from 200 to 1,200 meters (660 to 3,940 ft) in width, while the average depth is about 6.5 to 7 meters (21 to 23 ft). Previously, it extended to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, but as part of the new Business Bay Canal and Dubai Canal, it extends a further 13 km (8.1 mi) to the Persian Gulf.

Business Bay.

100% foreign ownership of a business. In fact, in September 2021, the Dubai Land Department decreased the minimum required amount to apply for a residence visa through investment, from AED 1M (272K) to AED 750K (USD 204K). This type of visa is valid for 3 years with an option for renewal, and among other perks, it also provides family sponsorship.

  • The real estate market in Dubai produces the highest number of results earning profit in Dubai.
  • Business Bay is quickly emerging as one of the most desirable places in Dubai to own property.
  • The business bay is given out with class views of the downtown Dubai skyline and Burj al khalifa.
  • As the name says, it is a largely focused workplace near an area.
  • It touches a large number of working places.
  • The business bay is the best place to invest.
  • Business Bay is quickly emerging as one of the most desirable places in Dubai to own property.

Arabian Ranches 

Find a home that suits your lifestyle with passion and compassion. An ideal designated area for peaceful living in Dubai is Arabian ranches 3. Arabian ranches are the best place to invest for their well-established community, including 3 or 4-bed apartments tortillas are all you can get in one area. 

Arabian ranches are place in the middle of the desert, and it is consider as a freehold area in Dubai. You have a nationality if Dubai or not; you can invest in some freehold areas of Dubai, including Arabian ranches lll in Dubai.

A well-secured gated area with family residences, Arabian ranches offer their residents a sense of security and a healthy environment—great value for your investment for living or future resale profit return.

Following are the Projects in Arabian Ranches 3

  • JOY
  • RUBA
  • SUN
  • CAYA
  • JUNE
  • BLISS 2

When you own a property in Arabian ranches, you will get the following benefits.

  • No income tax
  • 100% ownership
  • Getting a residence visa
  • Vibrant social life
  • Good education
  • Affordable payment plan
  • Transparent industry
  • Accessible
  • No extra taxes

Certainly, investing in Dubai is more accessible and easy than ever with facilities and an easy investing plan. The community agent is in it for the long run as they have a reputation to keep amongst their clients in the area.

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