5 Proven Strategies By Desmond Brifu To Improve Sales

Ensure the sustainability of your business by increasing your commercial performance? Discover in this article by Desmond Brifu, how to boost your commercial efficiency.

Today’s consumers are more and more demanding, which is why salespeople have to leave no stone unturned in order to set up an appointment or close a sale. All the more reason to have a good commercial performance during the prospecting phase. Every year, companies lose almost a percentage of their customers. The increase in commercial performance, therefore, represents a real challenge that must be taken up.

It is clear that it is not only companies that offer extraordinary offers that succeed. This is why it is essential to build iron arguments in order to provide real answers to customer needs. Discover 5 well-advised tips by Desmond Brifu to improve the commercial performance of your company.

1. Defining An Effective Business Strategy

Regardless of the quality of your offer, you must be on the same length as your target to create a climate of trust with them. In principle, your interlocutor will not be able to retain all the information.

It is therefore in your interest to only talk about the essentials, as long as it puts your offers forward. We, therefore, advise you to highlight three areas in your argument:

  • the arguments that allow you to stand out from your competitors,
  • solutions to your customers’ problems
  • the relationship between your offers and your client’s objectives

2. Prioritize Your Actions (Eisenhower’s method)

Your marketing campaign should follow a set schedule. This will allow you to push through the most important ones and focus on the priority actions . Establishing a calendar also leads you to delegate certain tasks by Desmond Brifu.

It is a method to save time and get more productivity. Work on the Eisenhower matrix trying to fit in all the tasks you planned to do.

3. Identify Competitor Positioning

Identify Competitor Positioning

Analyzing the positioning of other competitors is important to situate yourself in your economic environment. The Internet today offers you opportunities to see what others are hiding. This will greatly help you to position your business and detect your business effectiveness.

Start by analyzing the presence in the market segments, the size of the company, the positioning of the offers, and the profiles of the customers they target.

4. Attract Visitors

The Internet is a source of qualified clients. Consumers with specific needs connect to find answers to their problems. Your role will therefore be to propose the appropriate solutions to satisfy these needs. In order to attract visitors, you must demonstrate your expertise as Desmond suggested.

Your site must be optimal and filled with relevant information. All of your pages should contain impactful keywords. The information you present must be attractive enough to arouse the interest of Internet users. Take time to interact with visitors or other users on social networks.

5. The Conversion Funnel

Commercial performance goes through the conversion funnel . From the outset, you have to know your target and interact with it. Sending quotes is a good idea so that they go further into the details of your offer.

When you see that your prospects are showing interest in your offer, you must convert them into customers at all costs . Use your calls to action like landing pages, and contact forms. 

According to Desmond Brifu, by obtaining a list of contacts, sort the qualified leads, that is to say, those who are likely to respond to your offer, then note their needs. 

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