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5 Reasons You Need a Family Dentist

If you’re like most people, you get your family’s medical needs taken care of at the same doctor’s office that you visit when you need to see a primary care physician or specialist, right? But if you’re worried about taking your entire family to the same dentist and having them ask questions about what happens in the exam room with their siblings, then it might be time to go ahead and search for a family dentist near me. Here are five reasons why you need to look into this option and how to go about finding the best fit for your family.

1) Dental health is important for overall health

Dental health isn’t just about having shiny, white teeth. It also has an impact on overall health. Studies have found that gum disease is associated with increased risk of stroke and heart disease. Health gums also decrease your chances of developing type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

So while you might want to save money by going to a chain dental office, over time you could pay more in medical bills if you don’t take proper care of your teeth. And who wants to spend their retirement battling heart disease? Pick up the phone, look for family dentist near me and start taking care of your smile today!

2) Dental treatments last longer

Going to an experienced family dentist near me can ensure that dental treatments last longer and are more effective than treatments at general dentists. An experienced family dentist can repair broken teeth, fill cavities, and realign chipped or cracked teeth better than most general dentists. A family dentist may also be able to provide cosmetic services such as porcelain veneers, whitening teeth, or facelifts for your smile. Even if you’re not interested in getting more intensive procedures done on your smile, it’s still important to visit a family dentist every six months for routine checkups. Going regularly will help you catch problems with your mouth early so they don’t turn into major issues down the road.

3) Preventative care can save you money

There are many family dentists near me that are able to conduct all kinds of treatments with children. Because your dentist has already seen you, they will be better prepared to handle all your dental procedures with ease and confidence. This makes it much easier for both you and your child to relax.

Fewer complications: If there is an emergency or something unforeseen happens, you can always rely on your family dentist. Having one close by helps keep all members of your family protected in case anything happens. Fewer trips to see other specialists: Most people end up having some sort of problem that requires them to visit other types of doctors or specialists at some point in their lives.

4) Children are less fearful at the family dentistry office

At most dentist offices, kids can feel overwhelmed by all of the new sights and sounds. At family dentistry offices, children are much more comfortable and relaxed; because they’re familiar with their surroundings, they don’t tend to act out in fear as much.

Your child might be more willing to let you know if something is bothering them at home if they aren’t worried about going to another appointment. And your comfort with your child’s dentist makes it easier for them to trust you when you tell them something isn’t right.

5) An emergency room visit is rarely needed when you have a family dentist

The last thing you want is to put your well-being in someone else’s hands. However, there are times when your family dentist isn’t available. Whether it’s because of an emergency or just bad timing and. That’s when you might have to seek care from another dentist. Before doing so, however, consider these five reasons why it’s important to stick with your family dentist as much as possible:

1) They Know Your History: The number one reason you should choose a family dentist. Above any other option is because they know your medical history. And can better prescribe treatment options that are right for you.

2) They Keep Track of Any Drugs That Work Best For You.  A good dental office will also keep track of which over-the-counter medications work best for your unique situation. Many products can interact with prescription medications. Which means it’s essential to always consult your doctor before trying something. New if you need to take medication on a regular basis. 3) Everything Is In One Place: Even if all you go in for is a checkup. Every six months, having everything under one roof simplifies each appointment significantly; everyone knows where everything is located without having multiple offices coordinate information on your behalf.

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