5 Remarkable Features That White Gold Has

Wondering what does white gold look like? Well, you are in the right place. This post has everything you need to understand about white gold. We will provide five features that make this metal different, and we will also answer the question; what does white gold look like? Typically, white gold is an alloy of gold which means it is made up of pure gold mixed with other metals. It has a silvery-white color like palladium and silver. Keep reading this post to learn more about what does white gold look like.

Why White Gold is Mixed with Other Alloy Metals

This metal has to be mixed with other alloy metals to help add its durability and strength. Gold is a soft metal. That is why other alloys have to be added. Without these harder metals on the gold, they will be rigid and bend out of shape fast, which is not good in jewelry.

5 Remarkable Features of White Gold

1. Long Term Care

White gold is typically an excellent metal that is mainly recommended. However, if you are an intelligent user, you should understand some of its disadvantages as it ages. White gold metals are not pure gold. The yellow gold will be combined with other white metals like silver, nickel, or palladium during the white gold making. After mixing them, the white gold will be rhodium plated to provide a whiter and shinier finish. This offers white gold the look of a platinum metal when they are new. It is essential to note that the rhodium plating will start to show its natural color as time goes by. Therefore, you should be required to maintain it when you opt to buy it.

2. Durability

White gold is less durable and requires excellent maintenance. When this metal is scratched, the gold gets scratched away and is lost. However, with the correct maintenance, you will be able to increase its lifespan. This metal, therefore, is durable enough for daily wear and is more durable than yellow gold. But it needs rigorous upkeep to help it look fresh.

3. Its Composition

Mostly, you will find white gold sold at 14k, which is 58.3% gold, or 18k gold which is 75% gold. The gold gets mixed with other alloys to generate an alloy more robust than pure gold, which is 24k gold. The 24k diamond is rare to sell because it is very soft. You will have to mix it with other metals to offer additional hardness.

4. The Cost

White gold is typically less expensive. This makes it more selling compared to other metals like platinum. It is less expensive because it is less dense. Before purchasing the ring, you should weigh its cost and benefits to find the right option.

5. The Hypoallergenic Potential

White gold, as said earlier, is made from a mix of metals. Some of these metals can irritate your skin if they are sensitive. Before buying this metal, make sure to understand this, especially if you have any allergies or suspect some.


Now you have the answer to the question; what does white gold look like? You need to understand the above features before opting for this metal. If you are on a budget, white gold is much better. Even though white gold is less durable, this does not mean that you will need to re-polish the ring daily to keep it shining. However, it wears off as time goes on, and therefore, you will need to replace it at some time.

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