5 Signs that Your MacBook Battery Requires Replacement

Are you tired of carrying a charger with you and charging a MacBook every 30 minutes? So what next? Well, your battery needs either repairing or replacement.

It doesn’t matter how well you treat your laptop; its battery starts draining fast with time. But you need to know whether your MacBook battery needs replacement or it can be treated by repairing it.

In this writeup, we are going to list out the top 5 indications that your MacBook battery gives when it needs to be replaced by a new one. Read on!

5 Indications Of Battery Replacement In Your MacBook 

1. Low Run-Time

Do you remember charging your new MacBook? It runs for a long time. But with the passing time, they started giving low run time. If your MacBook battery drains within 1 hour, then it’s high time to replace it. This clearly means that your MacBook demands a new battery.

Believe it or not, you can’t work smoothly with a battery that demands to be charged every hour. Moreover, you cannot step out of your space because your MacBook may need to charge soon.

2. Shut down unexpectedly 

Have you seen an issue with your MacBook that it shuts down without any warning? Don’t panic, it could be due to many reasons such as; a corrupted program, software issue, and the most common problem of battery passing its expected shelf life. 

Check what is the problem with your MacBook. If it is not because of any software or programming, then battery failure is the only cause. It sounds like your MacBook requires a battery replacement. So, you need to find the best MacBook battery replacement service center. 

3. Overheating 

It’s a common issue that the MacBook starts overheating after a certain time period. But if your MacBook overheats every time while working or streaming movies, then your MacBook battery might be in trouble. 

No doubt an overworked fan is a reason for overheating the MacBook. It creates sudden noise as well as drains the battery faster. Moreover, it may create long-term damage to MacBook’s internal parts.

So, don’t waste one more day with an overheating problem and decide on battery replacement. Well, there is no doubt that your battery will need a replacement to cure the overheating trouble. 

4. Many charging cycles 

One more reason for battery draining is when you charge your MacBook frequently. Or when you overcharge your MacBook. 

It may seem weird, but too many charging cycles affect the MacBook battery life. Well, every MacBook has different and limited charging cycles. A new Mac battery can hold approximately 1,000 charging cycles. It means a single charging cycle is when you charge the battery fully and drain it until it comes to 0%.

As it is impossible to count charging cycles, Apple has made it easier with Apple knowing that most MacBook users don’t have the time to sit and keep a consistent count of how many charging cycles their computers go through. So they make it easy for people to check how many charging cycles.

How to identify total charging cycles?

  • Go to the Apple logo on your MacBook
  • Choose the “About This Mac” option from the dropdown menu
  • Now click the System Report
  • Go to the “Power” on the sidebar, which shows up over the left side
  • Check the “Health Information” and then “Cycle Counts.”

It will help you know the total number of cycle counts your MacBook has experienced. You can also view the “Condition” of a battery. Apple suggests you about battery and shows the signs of Replace Now or Replace Soon your old battery.

5. Can’t use MacBook without plugging

Are you not able to work on your MacBook without plugging it in to charge? Well, it is an issue faced by many users.

When you turn off the charger button, your battery starts draining? And does it only work well while charging? It’s high time to look for battery replacement because working is impossible without plugging your charger. Moreover, 24X7 charge while working may have overheating or exploding risk. 


So are you still confused whether to replace the battery or not? If so, then let’s make it clear. If you face any of the above-listed issues, go for the MacBook battery replacement option. Doing so will let you start using your device normally again.

Now, it’s time to choose the right MacBook battery replacement service provider. Remember, you can’t hand over your device to an unprofessional or a newbie. So, make sure the company you choose is a reliable and experienced surface pro repair Singapore. Moreover, ask the battery replacement price and compare that with other service providers. 

Hope you like this article, Thank you for reading. 

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