5 tips for repossessing the apartment for your transport

Final preparations in the old accommodation Inform the team of movers: Give the team of movers the furniture layout plan and inform them of the marking of boxes and delicate objects. In the vehicle, protect fragile objects with woolen blankets and secure boxes. If you do the cleaning yourself: Leave the cleaning products and plenty of rags in the apartment. We always need more than we think. Your transport must be safe.

First things to do in the new home Protect the floors. List the name of each room and hang furniture layout plans. Equip the bathroom and toilet with toilet paper and soap.

Moving damage: If anything does happen, ask the moving team to confirm any damage immediately in writing. Each Transport is unique.

Take a tour of your future home with the new landlord.

Only sign what is truly accurate. Have the inventory signed by the lessor. Please note: the lessor may later make you liable for damage or defects not mentioned in the inventory or on a separate list of defects that must be provided within the agreed timeframe. Even for small transports, the procedure is the same.

Draw the lessor’s attention to any damage to the stairwell. Thus, he will not be able to attribute them later to your move. If all the keys have not been given to you, ask the lessor for the remaining keys. Have the new landlord explain to you how the technical installations, washing machine, refrigerator, heating, and other available appliances work. Make sure the lighting in your new home is properly installed.

Children on moving day

The best is to have your children looked after on the day of the move. If this is not possible, prepare a box containing the following items:

  • Disposable diapers if applicable
  • Spare clothes Baby food or snacks
  • Toys Color pencils and drawing pad
  • Plush animals slippers

Moving Day Cats

Better to plan ahead, because, on moving day, everything will be upside down. Cats are very sensitive to this stress. Spray the carrier with Feliway spray. This releases pheromones that increase the well-being of the cat and thus reduce the stress of the move. Ask someone you trust to take your cat to the new home before the moving team arrives. Enclose your cat with its litter box and some of your clothes worn in the bathroom. The smell of these clothes gives him a sense of security.

Plug one or more Feliway

Classic into the new slot. Only let your cat out after the commotion has passed and all cleaning supplies and other dangerous items are put away. Many times transport and be very difficult.

Moving Day Dogs

A move is more stressful for your dog than for you. It is therefore preferable not to have it with you that day. Entrust it to a friend or acquaintance who can take good care of it no later than the day of the move. This recommendation also applies to awake dogs who may well find the move interesting, but who risk getting into your legs all the time. Also moving companies in Athens are offering estimates online.

If it is not possible to offer your pets a short vacation, prepare a box with food, water, bowls, your pet’s favorite toys, a leash, a Robidog bag, clothing is worn, and, if necessary, Bach Flower first aid drops or granules. Leave your dog in a closed room until the move.

The room should be completely empty except for the prepared cardboard and a sleeping area. Your dog will thus have a minimum of peace of mind. In the new home, bring your dog to a room that only has a sleeping area and the prepared box. Make sure paints, cleaners, and solvents are put away before you let it out. So contact your professionals and let the transport begin.

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