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5 Ways to Increase Your Collagen

We gossip about collagen here at LonoLife. As one of the body’s most plentiful proteins, Check out the 5 ways to increase your collagen. it helps everything from your skin, hair, and nails to your joints, stomach, and muscles. As we age, how much collagen our body produces drops essentially. That cycle starts after only 20 years of age, so adding collagen to your diet is generally suggested. 

This juice is helped with collagen hydrolysate (a type of collagen that blends well and doesn’t leave bunches as standard gelatin does). Collagen has been partaking at the center of attention recently as a protein-based supplement. Many have expounded on collagen and how it doesn’t assist with joint, muscle, or bone wellbeing.

Numerous bloggers and other nourishment experts have said that dietary collagen is an alternate kind of collagen than the sort found in bones and joints. Valid. However, at that point, they wrongly reason that collagen is of no advantage because of this.

In any case, how would you do that? Furthermore, what’s the most effective way to consume collagen consistently? We have the responses! The following are 5 tasty and nutritious ways of including collagen as a component of your everyday daily practice. Also, Get 30% off using the Great Lakes Coupon Code & save your extra bucks.


Since bone stock coaxes collagen from meat and chicken bones, it is pressed and loaded with collagen. In this way, any time you consume bone stock, you add collagen to your eating regimen. Whether you like to make yourself a steaming cup of Thai Curry Beef Bone Broth or add a portion of our Chicken Bone Broth to your homemade soup, you’ll get a piece of collagen (alongside some other mind-blowing wellbeing supporting treats like nutrients, minerals, and amino acids.)


Very much as mother said, you ought to continuously eat your greens! Presently, eat that composite plate of mixed greens! Here’s another motivation to continue eating down on a standard serving of kale, spinach, and Swiss chard: they come stacked with cell reinforcements that safeguard against the free extremists that separate collagen. Look at the 5 Ways to Increase Your Collagen.


Garlic assumes its part in collagen creation by assisting with remaking harmed collagen. It does this on account of its lipoic corrosive and taurine substance. It’s likewise a high-sulfur food that adds to collagen creation. Now is the ideal time to brighten up your plates of mixed greens, sautés, and dressings with a touch of garlic, our companions.


Alright, we realize you drink smoothies for lunch as well. However, this is an excellent method for adding collagen peptides – – or hydrolyzed collagen – – to your everyday practice. Since collagen peptides are bland and blend so well with hot or cold fluids, it’s not difficult to support your admission by adding some to a smoothie. Attempt LonoLife Unflavored Collagen Peptides for a sans taste increase in this miracle supplement, or add some flavor with our Coconut Pineapple Collagen Peptides. Try our example pack and evaluate our various flavors to view as your #1! Here’s one of our number one collagen pressed smoothie recipes: Chocolate Collagen Mint Chip Smoothie.


Once more, since collagen peptides blend easily into anything you make, you can add some to pretty much any recipe. Think biscuits, soup, beverages, and cupcakes. Why not attempt one of these collagen-rich recipes at home?:

  • Banana Collagen Pancakes
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes(Keto agreeable!)
  • Hot Cucumber Margarita

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