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5 ways to makeup with your partner in case you miss your Anniversary

Anniversaries are milestones of a relationship that every couple commemorates with fondness. But there is always the forgetful partner in every relationship who tends to overlook all such dates. If you are the one forgetting anniversary dates, you would understand the brunt one has to face. It can even take a toll on a perfectly healthy relationship. Luckily, your sincerity and efforts to keep the relationship going can help your partner overlook such follies. The key is to make up for the tactless behaviour in time and with diligence.  Here we have 5 ways to make up with your partner in case you miss your Anniversary.

Late night movie

Forgot to wish them an anniversary or gift something? You can always make up for it with a late-night movie plan. It will be the perfect surprise for an upset partner waiting for you to come back home from the office. Imagine their glee when you walk a home with a movie ticket and a dinner date plan. They are bound to forget being upset when they realize you already made plans and kept it as a surprise.

Make a weekend trip plan

This is a great idea if your anniversary is right before the weekend begins. If your partner is upset because you forgot the date, pacify them by booking a weekend trip to any of your favourite places. Make an impromptu plan leaving aside the mundane aspects of life and watch your partner get ecstatic. Make it even more fun for your partner by taking up the entire responsibility of packing and organizing the tour. Pamper them with all your love and affection and they will not feel neglected because of the forgotten anniversary.

Get them a present

Nothing beats the power of a thoughtful present even if it is belated. Make up for not remembering the anniversary with a Solitaire engagement ring or a similar piece of diamond jewellery. If you know your partner’s favourite type of jewellery, you can easily get them something they will cherish forever. It is an expensive way to make up for forgetfulness but your life partner is worth it. Present them with the gift in a romantic set up to show them how much they mean to you. A little effort and creativity can go a long way to keep the sparks alive.

Don’t let the distance grow

If you have forgotten the anniversary and this is not the first instance of forgetting important milestones in the relationship, it is likely that your partner will feel estranged. This is when you must hold on to them even more dearly. Do not let the distance grow. It is not always essential to have a special and elaborate plan to make up for your forgetfulness. Talk to each other, spent time in each other’s company, and do activities that are interesting to both of you. All these will help you prevent estrangements with your partner.

Apologize with sincerity

Before you arrange anything to make up for the blunder, you must apologise. For most partners, the genuine and sincere apologetic gesture is enough to melt the ice- the gifts and plans are added bonus. Once you have won them over with your apology, present them with a surprise to make up for the anniversary. Trinkets like an oval lab diamond engagement ring will surely take their mind off the forgetfulness you displayed earlier.

The key to a happy relationship is attentiveness, effort and remembering every milestone well. But if you don’t, we are quite sure the different ways to make up will prove helpful.

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