6 Unique & Quirky Necklaces You Must Invest In This Season

For someone who loves investing in jewelry, especially the ones that ace up your fashion game, then it’s time you start following the trend. As the new season has entered, the demand for new statement jewelry pieces is also coming in. If we go by the trend, then this season is all about being unconventional with unique and quirky necklaces. From a geeky blue cloud necklace to regal pendants and narcissistic pieces, jewelry designers are going out of the way to let you try the unique necklaces this season. So, gone are the days of wearing simple necklaces on occasions because this is the time you try on the best statement necklaces & match up with the season’s trend. Here we have collected some of the best collections of necklaces you must invest in. 

Try Investing in these quirky yet stylish necklaces: 

Long Layered Charm Necklace

The fashion of the 90s is coming back into the trend and is slowly taking its place once again. Long Layer necklaces with cute little charms on them were particularly popular during the 90s. Since then, there has been a strong resurgence. The best part about this necklace is that it can very easily go with almost all western outfits. They also make smooth coordination with both day and night outings. Additionally, you can also customize the charms in the layers to show off an elegant look whenever you wear them. Remember, layered charm necklaces look the best on sweatshirts and casual dresses. 

Statement Locket Necklaces 

If you are a smart woman, then you won’t ever forget to invest in locket necklaces. They give you a chic and classic look. One of the best parts of wearing locket necklaces is that they can be worn on just any outfit and any day. However, it is important to invest in something unique that will get noticed and will draw attention to you. In that case, you can check out buying ‘You are my sunshine locket necklace.’ It comes with an engraved message and looks very elegant. If you love sunflowers, this is the statement necklace that you can wear almost every outfit and day. 

The Regal Lariat Necklace 

Lariat necklaces have been in trend here for a long time. Even today, they are still an important part of women’s jewelry collections. They have recently become famous and popular because of their geeky look that makes you stand out amongst the crowd. In addition, lariat necklaces come with a decorative element instead of the usual clasp. So, no matter how your neckline is, the regal lariat necklace will surely be the best investment in terms of jewelry for you. 

All-Time Favorite Pendant Necklaces 

Ask anyone you can never go wrong with pendant necklaces, be it any kind of pendant. They surely give your look a unique touch. Pendant necklaces come with a subtle look where the pendant attracts more attention than the necklace’s chain. One of the best parts of having a pendant necklace in your collection is that you can carry them anywhere, be it your work. While you can wear a blue cloud necklace in the daytime, in the evening you can change it to something else as per the ambiance of the place you are visiting.  

Glamorous Collar Necklaces 

If you really want to spread your awesome vibes, then you should definitely have a collar necklace in your collection. If it’s not there, then it’s time you invest in one. Make a statement at your workplace with these sophisticated yet eye-catchy collar necklaces. They enhance your collarbone looks and make you look very aesthetically appealing. You will find a variety of collar necklaces in the market made from pearls, gemstones, or simply metal strings. They are not just perfect for your formal looks but also for your ethnic saree outfits. Short collar necklaces make a stunning accessory that you must have in your jewelry box. 

Eye-Catchy Station Necklace Pieces  

As the name suggests, station necklaces are the ones that come with a few pearls and gemstones that are stationed across the necklace. This delicate necklace piece attracts all the attention because of the adornments around its chain. They can be easily worn to work, for a party, for a family function, or just for a formal event. Station necklaces are also very easy to personalize because you get the option to replace gemstones with other charms or embellishments of your own choice. You can also add different designs in the form of charms to the necklace. So, whether you have to go to an official event or a date night with friends, a station necklace is your best elegant choice. 


Every necklace piece we mentioned in this article should be there in your wardrobe, especially if you do not want to waste your time standing in front of it while deciding what to wear. So it’s time you check out these crazy and quirky statement necklace designs in the market and start investing in them. Time to make a style statement with these quirky embellished necklace designs!


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