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7 (Perfect) Non-Traditional Pakistan Wedding Dresses

The traditional and non-traditional Pakistani wedding dresses are famous all across the globe, and it is all due to their unique and trending colors and styles.

Every year, Asian designers strive to create something unique that meets the customary needs of Pakistani brides.

Although the styles, designs, and colours of Indian and Pakistani bridal gowns are very similar, this is due to ancient cultural similarities. There are top clothing brands in Pakistan that are offering non-traditional dresses for weddings in Pakistan. 

There are many online shopping platforms which are offering state of the art non-traditional wedding dresses.

These dresses are made from premium quality material and have detailed work on them. You can shop for these dresses at the best available prices at the online marketplace. 

Demands for 2022 Wedding Bridal Gowns

We all know that a girl’s wedding is the most important day of her life. Every girl has an innate desire to appear beautiful.

When it comes to her wedding day, the bridal gown, along with bridal makeup, bridal hairdo, wedding shoes, bridal mehndi patterns, and nails, is perhaps the most significant component of a gorgeous bridal look.

Brides love to wear long-tail maxis and Lehnga choli, but Lehnga also has a long tail, Shraras, Ghraras, double shirt choli, and Gown, among other things, in 2017 and 2018. 

We’ve all noticed that the artwork, embroidery, and color schemes on the outfits or wedding dresses of 2019 are all really distinct.

Trend and Affordability of the Wedding Dresses

In the year 2020, several wedding bridal gowns will be in high demand. You can easily go through a variety of Pakistani wedding dresses for yourself and people who want to attend the wedding.

Bridal gowns are just as essential as the wedding day itself, and Pakistanis spend a lot of money, time, and effort looking for the latest wedding gowns for mehndi, Barat, and Walima. Girls nowadays scour social media, fashion magazines, and runway events two or three months prior to their wedding.

A number of fashion designers are creating bridal collections and customizing wedding bridal gowns, but all of this comes at a high cost that the majority of Pakistanis cannot afford. This post will provide you with new budget-friendly bridal ideas.

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

For all brides who don’t want to wear traditional bridal dresses that are designed by different designers, they have an option to wear non-traditional designer dresses.

In this article, there are 7 non-traditional wedding dress ideas listed that will tell you that no matter what trending brides are all safe with trendy wedding dresses and designs. Let’s get dive into the article to know more about these dresses:

  • Lehenga
  • Angrakha
  • Sharara
  • Gharara
  • Farshi Pajama
  • Bridal Gown
  • Shalwar Kameez


Culture and customs pervade every part of a Pakistani’s life, including the wedding, for better or worse. On their wedding day, Desi ladies are the embodiment of glamor and splendor.

Because it is the most famous garment of all, the lehenga is #1 on our list of top 7 Pakistani wedding dress styles. When you think of a traditional bride, you probably picture her wearing a red or maroon lehenga with a choli and a beautifully draped dupatta.

Lehengas come in a variety of styles and patterns. You will undoubtedly find one that is ideal for your body type. If you’re not sure what might be best for you, check out our page on the subject.

The Lehenga style is similar to the glamorous and flowy long skirt. You can easily pair the choli, fitted blouses, or even kurtis with the Lehenga.

There are different clothing materials or fabrics available to prepare a lehenga from them. Always choose the clothing material which suits you the best to you. 


Angrakha is a unique and non-traditional option for wedding dresses. Rajasthani customs are claimed to have influenced the style.

The dress has a lot of movement and flare. It would look especially lovely on tall brides, giving them a stately elegance suited for a queen.

The gown harkens back to the Mughal Empire’s heyday, when excessive luxury was the standard for individuals of royal blood. This style of outfit would be ideal for your mehndi ceremony.

With a little more attention to detail, this outfit would be perfect for your nikkah, baraat, or valima. If you’re intending on combining your mehendi and shadi functions into a shehndi (learn more about arranging a shehndi with Bookirea), this dress is a great option.

Angrakha is a type of long frock that you can pair with the tights which are fitted and more often called a churidar pajama. It is one of the most comfortable garments that you can wear on the wedding festivities. 


To the untrained eye, a sharara appears to be a long, flowing lehenga. It’s actually a pair of flared trousers that’s frequently paired with a straight-cut or Anarkali-style kurti.

These bottoms have a typical loose fit. The look is completed with the addition of a dupatta. This sort of apparel is ideal for the bride who does not want to be weighed down or have her mobility restricted because it is lightweight and easy to carry.


Gharara is a pair of knee-length trousers or pants with a band or border around the place where the cloth is connected and gathered into pleats.

This gives the lower section of the trousers more volume and substance. A gharara is usually worn with a short to medium-length kameez or Kurti. With embellishments and stitching, this garment can be really lovely.

Farshi Pajama

This dress style is similar to the previous two styles which are listed above sharara, and ghagra. There are slight differences in the style which are well-understood by the designers.

But, essentially, it has a considerable floor-sweeping length as the name suggests. A large portion of fabric is required to make Farshi Pajama. 

Bridal Gown

The bridal gowns are available in wide variety, and from them you will surely find the one which you can wear on the wedding festivals.

A gown with a lengthy train appears regal and dramatic, making for excellent photos. 

Maxi dresses and pleated frocks are also included in this category. Bridal jackets can also be worn with gowns. The layering effect is beautiful and gives the bride’s look depth.

This outfit would be ideal for a wedding in the winter. Bridal gowns are presently in high demand.

Shalwar Kameez

The shalwar kameez is another excellent option. Though not many Pakistani brides prefer it, this appearance is suitable for small women and may be extremely versatile thanks to differences in kameez length and shalwar type. Patiala, Harem, Afghani, and other kinds of shalwar are among them.

You could deconstruct the outfit and re-wear it for a formal event, ensuring that your bridal shalwar kameez doesn’t go to waste. From our stunning Pakistan wedding gowns, get innovative ideas and inspiration for your wedding gown.

Final Words

You could dismantle the outfit and re-wear it for a formal event, ensuring that your bridal salwar kameez doesn’t go to waste. From our stunning Pakistan wedding gowns, get innovative ideas and inspiration for your wedding gown. Moreover, you can shop for the above-listed wedding dresses from Cyber Mart.

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