7 Quick Tips For Fast Ready Mix Concrete Delivery

Are you preparing for the delivery of fresh concrete on your premises? Well, it’s a great thing, but the risk of its damage always pops up in your mind.
You need to save on-site mixed concrete from harsh weather conditions, moisture, and so on. And for this need to learn the easiest and fastest ways of concrete delivery.
Fortunately, we have got your back! We have come up with an article guiding you on how to prepare your space before ordering concrete.

Points To Consider For Fastest Concrete Delivery

A safe space

Well, no doubt, finding a safe and secure location is the first step you need to follow before opting for a concrete mix delivery.
Moreover, there are some checkpoints to ensure;

  • The place should be cool
  • Try to prefer a dry place with no water leakage
  • Save the concrete from moisture; this may harden it.
  • The most important thing is always to consider the amount of concrete you are ordering.

Proper space for trucks

The delivery trucks are very bulky vehicles. Their length might be approximately 10 meters to 15 meters, and the truck requires more space for clearance on either side. So, keep in mind that you have to check that there should not be any other vehicle for at least 15 meters of area. Also, the gate should not be narrow because trucks can’t enter.
Before you order, give a clear address to the concrete providers. Further, ensure the road’s layout should not be hard for the truck. It means there shouldn’t be more cuts or narrow roads. If there are any issues, then tell the concrete provider before so that they can make allowances. Following this will help your on site mixed concrete providers to arrange the vehicle as per the requirement and the route.

Suitable site entrance

As you know, the length of a concrete truck could be up to 15 meters, so it needs a site entrance accordingly. Before you choose to order concrete, make sure to check your entrance area.
For example, if your entrance area is narrow and you have doubts that the truck can’t fit on it, then inform the supplier.
Furthermore, we highly recommend preparing your site one day before concrete delivery. The ground should be level by dampening and compacting the earth. Also, clean any debris thoroughly, like old concrete, bushes, and stones from a particular space.

Train your team

When you have on-site mixed concrete on your commercial space, train your entire staff beforehand. How? Well, you have to make sure whether they are wearing safety or not. Also, staff should wear the right clothes at concrete delivery time. It is because the dust or chaos might make their clothes dirty.
Further, you can ask them for proper training to learn how to save themself at concrete delivery time. Employees need to know their roles or responsibilities at the time of delivery.
So, at last, staying organized ensures the efficiency of the whole construction project.

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On-site preparations

Have you decided to order concrete? Well, have a quick check over the on site preparations.
Start with preparing the ground for delivery of concrete at least two days before. It includes cleaning (floor, ground, or other space), removing dirt particles, leveling the ground, and using a sufficiently compacted subgrade.
Furthermore, check the formwork twice before the concrete delivery. The frame should be strong as well as secure for supporting the amount of concrete you have ordered.
Make sure you complete all the arrangements before the concrete truck arrives.

Right equipment

Always check whether you have the right equipment or not. They should be handy and easy to use.
Have a quick check on equipment like; hammers, spades, a spirit level, strings and pegs, and a tarpaulin. These are some equipment that is needed for sure at the time of concrete mix delivery.
Also, be conscious of your safety too. Check whether you have; long sleeves, dust-resistant trousers, rubber gloves, eye protection, and large rubber boots. Wear all these things when the truck arrives for concrete delivery at your place. Your and your staff’s safety must be a prior concern.

Check weather condition

Well, always keep a safe side. Please check the weather forecast on that day and a day before concrete delivery.
It will help you to avoid any disastrous situations. There are chances of storms, rainfall, winds, etc. If it is a bad weather day, you should be prepared and try to avoid concrete delivery on that day. Also, it will save you from affecting a project. Moreover, you can cover and secure the space for protecting the concrete and your workers from this situation. If you can’t shift the delivery, make a particular action plan.

Pro Tips

Well, there are a few other basic tips that everyone should keep in mind before concrete delivery. Have a look!

  • Cover concrete with polythene sheets.
  • Check if the space has any moisture or not.
  • Make sure you tell your neighbors before concrete delivery, so they manage accordingly.
  • Before delivery, talk to the supplier about the price.
  • Also, ask the concrete supplier about the hidden charges (if there are any).
  • Check the delivered and ordered amount of concrete.


Hopefully, these expert proven tips will help in the fast and efficient delivery of on-site mixed concrete in your commercial or residential space. Also, it would benefit if you executed these tips while working.
Are you still concerned about concrete delivery? Well, no worries, we can help you out. Write your insights below in the comment box.
Thank you for reading!


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