7 Reasons Why You Should Get an ICICI Credit Card

Adding a credit card to our wallet can be a liberal way to build a strong financial profile. But worried about which credit card issuer you should select then you have reached the right place. Choosing the ICICI Bank as your first credit card issuer can never be disappointing since it has so much to offer to its customers. ICICI Bank is one of the leading credit card issuers among the other credit card issuers. 

In this article, we have listed below 7 reasons why you should get an ICICI Credit Card. keep reading to give a start to your research.

  1. Wide choices: ICICI Bank offers its customers a wide range of credit cards, from which you can choose one credit card that is of the greatest value to you. You can find various types of credit cards covering lifestyle needs and travel needs. It has a credit card for each and every requirement. Who doesn’t like to have an ample number of choices to choose from? Moreover, you can compare and apply for ICICI credit cards online as well to narrow down your choices to one credit card.
  2. Welcome benefits: You get conditional welcome offers on your ICICI Credit Card that you can avail of. This amplifies the benefits of your credit card. On spending a certain amount within a given time period you can get the bonus reward points. With that being said, this is not necessary that you only get a conditional offer, on some ICICI credit cards you get complimentary benefits as well.
  3. Renewal fee waiver allowed: If you are worried that you would have to pay the renewal fee every year and that increases your expense. Then my friend you need to sit down and check with ICICI credit cards as on these cards you get a renewal fee waiver benefit. On reaching a spending milestone your renewal fee will be waived off.
  4. Minimal joining fees: ICICI Bank offers the most affordable credit card to its customers. Amazon Pay ICICI Card has been the talk of the town as it is a lifetime free credit card and it lets both prime and non-prime members enjoy the benefits of it. Moreover, if you are a first-time credit card user then you can get a pretty good deal at ICICI Bank.
  5. Grace period up to 48 days: Who doesn’t like the interest-free period? With ICICI Bank Credit Cards you get a grace period of up to 48 days. This much time frame gives your financial room to breathe. You can easily pay off your credit card bills without having to worry that you have less time. Moreover, you can convert your big spending into smaller ones and pay them off within the grace period as and when you have the funds available.
  6. Earn rewards: You can easily earn reward points with your ICICI Credit Card if you know your credit card’s rewards program. Use your credit card for those transactions only that let you earn reward points in return. ICICI Bank provides a vast range of spend-based rewards programs that you can choose from depending on your spending habits and needs.
  7. Various Services: Going for the ICICI Bank can never go wrong as it offers its customers various services such as phone banking, mobile banking, SMS alerts, Auto-debit services, net banking services, etc. To know more about these services you can visit the ICICI Bank’s official website to have complete knowledge about the services. 

Bottom Line

To summarise, ICICI Bank is worth consideration since you get so many benefits on its credit cards. This bank is ideal for first-time credit card users. Choosing the right credit card is the first step toward maximizing your benefits. Afterward, you need to keep two things in your mind first one is keeping your credit card dues clear in full and on time, the other one is keeping your credit utilization ratio low between 30% – 40%. For these, you can choose to register for auto-debit services and set a threshold limit so that you can build a good-standing account. Using a credit card wisely can do you more good than harm.

Share your experience with the ICICI Bank and its services in the comment section.

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