7 Spices to Keep You Warm and Healthy This Winter

Winter is around the corner, and you will notice the increased rush at your local grocery stores or source wholesalers where people come to buy Indian spices at wholesale rates. As winter arrives, the demand for particular Indian spices surges rapidly. Generally, spices have a heat-generating property, which keeps us warm from the inside.

As India is the largest producer of spices, markets experienced a huge demand for Indian spices during the winter season. Consuming some spices at this time not only helps you keep warm but also keeps many colder climate-related ailments at bay. If you don’t know what spices you should try, here is a list of 7 spices that will keep you warm and healthy this winter.

Spices You Should Consume in Winter


Ginger is the most sought-after spice in winter. This rhizome has a delicious aroma that instantly soothes our olfactory senses. But the aroma isn’t the only reason you should consume this spice in winter. It has many health-uplifting benefits that keep you healthy and warm while making your food taste refreshing. Sore throat is a particularly major cold issue, and ginger is an effective solution. It is also beneficial for cough and chest congestion. Adding ginger powder or fresh ginger paste to your tea may help you rip the benefits of this spice while also flavoring your beverage.


Cinnamon is a prominent spice consumed in winter. Cinnamon powder is ubiquitous in cakes, pies, hot chocolates, coffee, tea, and other hot beverages. Spice is usually a staple ingredient in sweet dishes, which is beneficial for this reason. In addition, cinnamon is considered great for controlling blood sugar levels. According to research, cinnamon has an abundance of polyphenols and health-boosting micronutrients that control blood glucose levels and insulin.


Cloves are dried flower buds of evergreen plants and produce intense aroma and sweet, bitter flavor. The spice is used in many recipes, from sweet to savory. In addition, cloves are great supporters of health. Consuming this spice in winter ensures healthy digestion, lung clarity, increased appetite, and reproductive health. Cloves can also greatly relieve gum aches, a problem some of us experience in winter. 


Nutmeg is another heat-producing spice that may help you keep warm and healthy this winter. The spice has a bitter-sweet flavor that goes with a variety of dishes. However, nutmeg is one of the pungent spices that should be used scarcely in our food. The spice gives a sweet aroma, but too much use may overpower the actual dish’s flavor. Besides flavoring our food, nutmeg also promotes mind calmness, good sleep, and muscle and bone strength. 

Black pepper

The list of winter spices is incomplete without the mention of black pepper. Black pepper is an invaluable spice in winter. It is one of the major heating spices that keep you warm and healthy in winter. In addition, black pepper is widely used as a spice and medicine across cuisines and cultures. This dried berry has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which protect you against viral colds. It also supports easy digestion of foods you devour during this festive season.


Turmeric is considered a superfood for its myriad health benefits. This spice is popularly used in South Asian food and medicine practices. The rhizome has various properties that promote healing from a host of illnesses. Consuming turmeric during winter gives you strong protection against viral as well as cold-related diseases. Turmeric is a natural decongestant that clarifies the lungs and supports easy breathing. Moreover, the curcumin compound found in turmeric also fights free radicals.


Cardamom is revered as a queen of spices and for the right reason. This spice, similar to nutmeg and cinnamon, infuses a sweet aroma into various soups, curries, lentil dishes, meat, and sweeteries. Adding a pod or pinch of cardamom powder to your food in winter boosts immunity, promotes healthy digestion, aids in blotting, and supports healthy coronary circulation. Moreover, it also calms hiccups, promotes good breath, and soothes the respiratory system.

Bottom Line

Winter is often considered a good time to look after your health. One way you can do so is by including these spices in your diet. With all the incredible ways spices support our health and keep us warm during winter, now is a good time to stock them up. Since the quality of spices is important, make sure you choose the right and reliable spice exporter to procure your spices from.

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