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7 Unique & Elegant Ideas for Your Wedding

Are you looking to have a unique wedding? If so, you need to learn about some ideas to help you plan for a memorable day. Most people prefer to have customized touches on their great day in the modern world. Here are some of the most unique and elegant ideas for your wedding.

1. Surprise Your Guest with a Personalized Invitation

Start impressing your guests from the very beginning. Please give them a reason to be surprised when they open their invitations for your big day. You can do this by sending them high end wedding invitations. Additionally, you can add a personal touch by adding photos of you and your partner and hand-delivered to your guests’ houses.

2. Have a Designer Create Your Wedding Gown

Just because you are planning a unique wedding, it doesn’t mean that you should settle for getting an expensive designer gown. You can have one made by a designer, but ensure that the price is not outrageous.

Customized wedding dresses will surely provide you with a great day of elegance, especially when planning for a royal wedding kind of theme. Make sure that your dress suits the season on your wedding day. Additionally, ensure that the maid dresses are designed by the same designer as this will surely make them look like a masterpiece.

3. Hire Professional Photographers

There are many advantages of having professional photographers take photos during the wedding ceremony. First, you will easily get the best photos, and second, you will also be able to get those photos printed and framed or put on a wall in your home or office. Additionally, photos are excellent for your wedding archives as you will be able to look back at them and reminisce about the great memories you had on that day.

You can also have a photo booth on your wedding day as this is the best kind of entertainment for everyone at the wedding. Photo booths are not limited to just taking pictures; they will also help you and the guests relive the best moments by creating memorable photographs that can be kept forever.

4. Have a Theme Wedding

The last thing you want to have at your wedding is cheap ornaments and decorations just because it is trendy. Don’t just settle for one theme for your wedding; instead, do it uniquely; be creative enough to find your own choice. This will go a long way to make your guests feel like attending an exclusive event. You can ask your wedding planners to help you get started with this.

5. Incorporate Ceremony to Warm the Rings

What will make your wedding special is incorporating the two important aspects of the ceremony: the vows and an exchange of rings. A unique way to do this is bypassing the rings via the guests while they make their wishes before the couples wear the rings.

6. Name Your Tables

When planning a unique wedding, don’t just stop with a traditional wedding way of doing things. Make your guests feel special by giving them customized ornaments as table names. These ornaments can be anything from their name that has been designed to match the theme of your wedding together with the date of your big day. Also, incorporate some deco like bows, flowers, or ribbons. You can have a tiered cake as the centerpiece for each table to make it even more special for your guests. They will surely be excited when they know that the cake is named after them.

7. Have Fun at The Reception

Different receptions will have different entertainment, but you need to ensure that it is fun and not too formal. You can hire a jazz or contemporary band to set up your wedding reception. This is something that most couples often choose to do since it will bring some charm to the guests and the atmosphere of their wedding celebration. Don’t just settle on simply hiring a DJ, as he will only provide an overall listening mood and won’t be able to get those guests involved in merrymaking.


These are some of the unique ideas for your wedding. It is your special day and will only happen once, so don’t be afraid to put your personal touch on things. With careful planning, you will surely make your wedding special and unforgettable. 

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