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8 Tips for Choosing a Thesis Topic

Choosing a thesis topic is a task that depends on many elements that must be combined to create a solid and stable final project. The academic area, the time available, the dedication, or one’s own personality are factors that influence such a decision. However, there are basic aspects that you can consider when thinking about the topic for your thesis.

Starting the thesis process is usually tedious for everyone. We must think about the theme, the director, the time it will take us, or even how we will sit down to write more than 100 pages of research. Precisely all those thoughts are what frustrate us and do not let us start. Being able to relax and enjoy the last effort is not an easy task, but with these 8 tips, it will be easier for you.

If you are thinking too much about how you are going to solve your thesis, we recommend that you stop doing it to achieve a better result. Get rid of prejudices and do not fill yourself with negative comments from third parties. The important thing is that you live this moment as a unique experience, therefore it is best to take advantage of every moment.

1 Preference List

Before you start, create a list where you put your preferences in a broader sense. This way you will have a first guide on the topics you would like to work on. The goal will be to start narrowing down the search field.

2 Check what was published

Public libraries and online repositories offer you the opportunity to review what is written on various topics that interest you. Although it can be hard work, it is a perfect tool to rule out options or find more enriching ideas.

3 Use the manuals

The style manual “How to write a thesis” by the writer and philosopher Umberto Eco is perfect to start with. It is considered as “the bible” when it comes to final projects.

4 Take an interest in the topic

Some students tend to pick a topic that doesn’t interest them at all, just to get it out of the way. On the contrary, try to make your attitude towards the proposal positive. Take all the time you need to choose the topic. It is essential that you are passionate, that you are totally convinced of what you are doing.

5 Define the topic

The secret of a good thesis topic is that it is perfectly defined. Try to focus on a topic, which is simple but at the same time allows you to go deep enough. It is best to opt for a specific idea that you can expand as the investigation requires.

6 Possible sources

It is important to work on something that interests you but, based on the sources obtained, you will define the profile of your thesis project. Evaluate the amount of information you have on the subject to analyze if it is really possible to carry out an investigation based on that.

7 Available time

Managing your work time well is the secret key to writing a perfect thesis. Prepare a specific schedule, allocate hours for the completion of the thesis, and establish a period of prior research.

8 Strengths and weaknesses

Before choosing a topic you should keep in mind what your strengths and weaknesses are in that field. If you are interested but know little about the area, the project will probably require more research time.

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