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A Complete Guide On Microsoft Power Automate Desktop


Businesses across various sectors are looking for methods to automate crucial business practices as process automation is the way to the future. However, automation technology and tools are improving, and we may notice new technologies in the sector. One such technology that simplifies regular business operations is the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop. Also, it is the advanced version of the RPA tool that makes the automation process faster. Thus, to gain insight into this advanced technology, it is necessary to enroll yourself in the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Online Course. Such a course will help the candidates and aspirants with the hands-on experience of the technology and assist them with their career goals.

Meaning of Microsoft Power Automate Desktop:

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop is a robust tool created by Microsoft that helps to automate daily tasks. It includes a web recorder for capturing web activity and a desktop recorder for recording and replaying desktop operations. Thus, for completing your daily actions, both online and desktop may be combined or conducted individually. Moreover, it enables RPA abilities. RPA allows the automation of modern and desktop workflow processes by capturing and replaying mouse and keyboard actions on a planned basis.

Features of Power Automate Desktop:

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop comprises of following features:

Drag and Drop Feature:

Microsoft Power Automated Desktop streamlines the flow development process by making them easy to use, organize, and change.

Pre-built Actions:

In order to start early, make sure to use a helpful catalog with hundreds of pre-built activities. Moreover, you may connect to several systems with the help of actions, such as SAP, websites, on-premise applications, and even older systems.

Flow recording on the desktop and the web:

Using desktop and online recording, you can naturally design processes. Moreover, this tool enables you to create a desktop flow using a real-time recording of UI operations.

Error Handling:

This feature enables you to use automated reasoning to control common issues. Instead of terminating a process, you may instruct it to retry and even specify how many times it should retry. Also, you may notify it to alert you when an issue arises.

Centralized monitoring:

If any complex problem arises, centralized flow monitoring will come in helpful. Examine logs that are automatically stored, consolidated, and available from whatever system you enter. Moreover, the examination logs provide detailed information for each execution run and images of errors to help with troubleshooting.

System Modernization:

The ability to integrate apps that require APIs is the most exciting feature of MS Power Automate. Power Automate Desktop is an excellent tool for anybody looking to integrate their on-premise program into their Dynamics 365 or Power Platform cloud environment.

Types of Power Automate Desktop Flows:

Microsoft Power Automate Desktop comprises two versions, such as:

Attended Flows:

Attended flows are designed to execute with an existing user session on a computer device. The device might be a Windows 10 desktop or laptop or a server operating as a Virtual Machine.

Unattended Flows:

Unattended flows do not necessitate an active session on a computer device. This enables the UI Flow to execute a process on an idle system. Also, you will be able to provide future scale-out options.

Situations Where You Can Use Power Automate Desktop:

Ensure that Power Automate Desktop is not the same as Power Automate. Thus, you will continue to work with multiple cloud providers and their data sources through the flow maker portal. Resultantly, it is suggested to use Power Automate Desktop when the ability to automate tasks is not accessible with Power Automate. Some of such scenarios include:

  • Interacting with old systems and desktop programs to obtain specific data and capture it in excel or CSV files.
  • Obtaining ServiceNow metrics for your Development Team and recording them in CSV every month.
  • Then, obtain stock trend information and use it on your website.
  • Also, getting news trends from CNN.com.
  • Transferring files from an FTP server to a SharePoint site.


Finally, the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop proves to be promising technology and full of new career opportunities. As Power Automate Desktop assists many large enterprises in automating desktop operations, the demand for skilled individuals has increased rapidly. Therefore, by choosing the best Microsoft Power Automate Desktop Training in Gurgaon, you can make a prosperous career in this field and get high-paid jobs.


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