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A Designers Guide to Bedroom Inspiration

Whether you’re redesigning your entire home or just your bedroom, inspiration can be hard to come by. Unless you know where to look, that is! If you’re having trouble finding good ideas for designing the most important room in your house, consider using these sources of bedroom inspiration as an invaluable resource to help you get started. Whether you’re looking for color schemes, style options, or tips on how to create a specific mood, there are plenty of resources available to provide you with everything you need to get started with your bedroom design project today!

Top Tips for Creating a Great Bedroom

When you’re designing a bedroom, it’s easy to get carried away. After all, with no other rooms nearby, and just one person using it on a regular basis, there’s really no need for anyone else. But while living in your own dream world may be an excellent idea when you’re picking out wallpaper and bedding patterns, when it comes to actually making use of your room every day you need something much more down-to-earth. Here are some quick tips for creating a great bedroom.

Gorgeous Designer Rooms

Whether you are sharing a room with a sibling, or simply have limited space to work with, here is some bedroom inspiration to help you find a well-designed room that works for you. Inspired by interior designers and combining elements from many design styles and moods, these shared rooms will inspire your own ideas of how you can share a bedroom together. With everything from simple organization solutions to glamorous makeup stations, these rooms make it clear that we can all make it work!

Well-Designed Shared Rooms

Whether you’re sharing a room with your partner or roommate, good design can make a big difference in whether you enjoy being there or not. We’ve already shared a list of ways to create separate spaces within one room, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Sometimes there’s no better option than creating two rooms out of one. Here are two-bedroom designs that do just that

Stylish Kids Beds

Today, we’re featuring 5 stylish kids’ beds that will look amazing in your child’s bedroom. These kids’ beds have tons of features that would make any kid feel more like a big kid. One bed has lights and sounds, another can be configured as a loft bed or a bunk bed, there are bunk beds with storage under them, and even a couple of storage beds that also look great! Before you move forward with any project for your kids, it’s important to determine if they actually need what you think they need. And since children grow up so fast (like blink-of-an-eye fast), you definitely don’t want to waste money on things they’ll outgrow quickly or won’t use at all.

Contemporary Guest Rooms

As we’ve already established, the bedroom decor is one of those things that can often be a tricky field for amateurs and professionals alike. Being in your bedroom for most of your free time means it’s an essential space to get right, which is why there are so many guides out there on how you should do just that. Of course, every interior designer has their own approach, but a great place to start when it comes to bedroom decor inspiration is a list featuring eight unmissable master ensuites by top designers. These bedrooms have been hand-picked by professional designers as some of their best work – go through them at least once if you want some inspiration on how you can transform your own space into something equally impressive!

Outstanding Kid’s Designs

Whether you’re shopping for a room that is entirely your own, a shared bedroom with friends or family, or you’re simply looking for some inspiration, these six children’s bedrooms will inspire you with their imagination and creativity. Taking into account each child’s personality and interests, each space was designed specifically to enhance creativity and learning by combining traditional furniture pieces with surprising details. Whether it’s geometric wallpaper or a safari-themed bedroom under a tent on wheels; every bedroom here shows us something new about what kids really want in their room. Have fun scrolling through!

Unforgettable Master Ensuites

Every bedroom needs an ensuite, a place where you can escape from your daily stresses and relax in comfort. A master ensuite is usually quite large and has a luxury feel. It’s important that you take advantage of space in a master ensuite by making good use of mirrors and getting as much natural light as possible. Here are 8 beautiful bedrooms with stunning en suite designs to inspire you!

Cozy Boys Beds

For boys of all ages, a bed is more than just a place to sleep. So, when designing bedrooms for children, it’s important that we create something they’ll love and want to come back to every day. We rounded up some of our favorite kids’ beds that are comfortable and stylish at any age. For little ones (ages 2-6), roomy loft beds with storage options will make them feel like big kids. Mid-century furniture, lots of light and playful colors will keep things fresh for preteens (ages 7-12). Teenagers (13+) will appreciate an industrial look and plenty of personalization options in their space—think rustic wood platforms or repurposed pallets as beds or headboards.

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