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A Guideline of the Basics of Essay Regard to the Right Essay Structure

Essay writing is taught mostly in primary schools but as the students reach the secondary levels, they lose their grip over the basics of essay writing. They begin to forget the essential components of essay structure. So, a revival of the basic guidelines is important which is rarely observed in secondary schools.

Here is a detailed guide about the basic structure of an essay and the essential rules associated with the essay structure that must not be violated while writing an essay. Also, this post will help the students write their essays according to the basic essay structure.

What Are the Basics of Essay Regarding Its Structure?

There are basically four types of essays i.e. narrative essay, descriptive essay, expository essay, and argumentative essay. But students in high schools, colleges, and universities are also assigned some other types of essays too which include reflective essays, compare and contrast essays, persuasive essays, and analytical or critical essays. Though all these types of essays are written in different tones and language, still the basic structure remains the same for all, i.e.

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Consider the example of a house that has a roof, a floor, and walls. Now understand the essay structure with this example. Your essay introduction is the floor of the house that provides the basis to the building, the body paragraphs are the pillars and walls, which means they build your essay, and the conclusion is like a roof. Just as a house is incomplete without a roof, similarly, an essay cannot be completed without a conclusion.

How to Structure Your Essay Correctly?

If you want to write your essay according to the basics of structure, follow the method given below and focus on every single point.

Write an Interesting Introduction

You just have listened to it before that the first impression lasts longer. So, your essay introduction which is the first and the most important component of the basic essay structure builds your first impression (professional essay service, 2019). You can please your teachers with your essay introduction compels them to mark you good. To write an interesting introduction, cover the following aspects in it.

Þ    Elaborate the Topic

First, you need to address the topic. Explain what it is about, its significance, and what its scope is. Remember that it’s the opening of your essay, so you must not lose the worth of your words at any cost.

Þ    Give Details of the Background

After explaining the topic, add its context to your introduction. For example, if you are writing about the Impact of Online classes on Students’ Productivity, you may write about when the concept of online classes get introduced to the education system and when it gained popularity. But, don’t unnecessarily stretch it too much.

Þ    Tell the Purpose of the Essay

Now you need to highlight the purpose of why you are writing on this topic and what contribution your essay will make to your subject, field, or area of study. Your essay must be purposeful. If you don’t find the purpose of your writing then it is of no use.

Þ    Write a Strong Thesis Statement

The thesis statement consists of 2 -3 sentences in which you have to present your main argument/idea/claim. Also, it reflects what your essay is going to explore in the coming paragraphs. Your thesis statement must be very strong because it shapes your whole essay.

For Body Paragraphs – Use PEEL Method of Writing

To construct the building of your essay perfectly i.e. body paragraphs, use the PEEL method i.e. Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link (Moonen, 2015).

Þ    Make a Point

You must have multiple important points that you want to discuss in your essay. But you shouldn’t try to incorporate at once. Address one point in one paragraph, the second point in the next paragraph, and so on. Each point must be visible at the very beginning of each paragraph. Make strong statements to present your ideas.

Þ    Give Evidence

After presenting your ‘point of argument’ give concrete evidence to support it. Those who have weak argumentative skills and cannot prove their claim can take help from an essay writing service USA based but they shouldn’t use weak evidence, because, with weak evidence, your point is pointless. The supporting factor must be convincing.

Þ    Explain Your Point

Now you need to explain your point. Here you will show why you have made this point, what you want to convey through it and how your evidence is sufficient to prove your claim. The purpose of this explanation is to clarify the confusion (if there is any) in the mind of the reader.

The last sentence of each paragraph should connect the recently explained idea to the idea you are going to address in the next paragraph. This connecting sentence creates a link between two paragraphs and this link completes the PEEL method.

What is Conclusion?

The conclusion wraps up your essay. To write a comprehensive conclusion for your essay, add the following aspects.

Þ    Gather the Main Ideas

In the conclusion, you briefly summarize the key points you have discussed in your essay.

Þ    Tell What Your Study Has Achieved

Then, you restate the thesis statement in a paraphrased form. Along with that, you mention how much your essay is successful in achieving its purpose in light of the results of the research and study.

Þ    Share Your Opinion

At the end of your essay, you may share your opinion about the discussed topic, but it’s not necessary. Many teachers do not allow to add their personal opinion so be focused on the requirements.

Important Points You Should Consider While Structuring Your Essay

  • Write short sentences
  • Be clear and concise – complexity affects the readability and flow
  • Stay relevant to the topic
  • Follow the tone and language required for the type of essay you are writing
  • Use correct spellings, grammar, punctuations, articles, phrases, and references.
  • The information you add to your essays must be authentic

Final Note

This is the most comprehensive guide about the basics of the essay regarding its structure. Still, the students who ding it difficult to structure their essays can hire an essay writing service in Philadelphia or any other region of the USA where they study, to resolve their concerns and get good grades.

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