A Ray of Moonlight: The Mysterious Beauty of Moonstone

You will often see people addressing the mysterious beauty of Moonstone Jewelry with ‘cold radiance’ to describe its inner glow. This stunning feature of Moonstone makes its iridescence look like a ray of moonlight. This is the reason why its beauty is often compared with the sheen shine of the moon. The accessories made with this crystal go by Moon Magic Jewelry, which is evident enough to describe its appearance. Its optical effect is simply mesmerizing that carries magic with each glare on the surface of this stone. The exquisite shimmer of the crystal is perfect to complement different gems and serves as an excellent choice to include independently.

A Blue-White Piece of Ice

The gem’s appearance will remind you of a blue-white piece of ice that will never melt. With its shimmery inner reflections, Real Moonstone Crystals have managed to captivate the attention of many gem lovers for centuries. The mysterious beauty of the moonstone is affiliated with the strong powers of the moon. Over the years, people have used it for various healing properties, love spells, and protection. The gem is indeed a pleasant choice to look at, but the powerful and magical stone is equally fun to learn about.

Match up the Energy

Natural Moonstone crystals energetically are connected to moon energy. Similarly, it is also encompassed with water energy. Astrologically, these energies impact the zodiacs with water signs. These energies help an individual to attain harmony and peace. The natural calming feel of the stone enables you to ease down and eliminate all negative energies from inside your body. Instilling confidence inside its owner, moonstone is loved for upscaling your personality overall. Matching up and resonating with the powers of this stunning crystal will only help you achieve bigger in life.

Reasons to Love Mysterious Moonstone

To know what’s so magical about this crystal, you will have to see it once for yourself. Although we can just describe its beauty under some mere words, you can only experience the original essence personally. The gem at times depicts rare optical phenomena such as cat’s eye and asterism (a star-like quality). Cabochon-cut Moonstone crystals exhibit stars on their surface that are spectacular and resemble opals. The most magnificent variety you will see is Rainbow Moonstone. It captures your eyes with its extraordinary features and a blue and iridescent shine flash. The value of this exemplary stone depends on its luster and beauty.

Moonstone Jewelry – A Ray of Moonlight

In Gemstone Jewelry, moonstone has created a significant place in the hearts of jewelry lovers. The veiled spectacle of light reflected in this crystal jewelry makes it ideal to suit every attire. Moonstone Ring and other accessories are trendy because of this reason. You can simply include it in your daily life without giving it a thought. It ranks around 6-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it suitable to wear every day. If you are looking for something that is subtle enough to accessorize and blend with every occasion feel while creating a unique impact, this is the perfect choice to add to the collection.


The mysterious look of the moonstone has given rise to various beliefs about its properties. However, the natural properties associated with Gemstone Jewelry to aid with its healing powers also apply to Moonstone gemstone. After analyzing this gem’s incredible powers and features, we are sure that you will find no other crystal like Moonstone.

Thus, do not miss out on such a beautiful masterpiece and indulge in the beauty of this gem. Look gorgeous by including it in your life today. Explore a wide range of astonishing Moonstone Jewelry to get the best one for yourself.


Hi, I am Nova Martin, working as a content writer at Rananjay Exports for the last four years. Our firm has been dealing in the manufacturing and wholesale gemstone jewlery including Opal Jewelry and 150 plus other varieties of gemstones. I have an interest in reading and writing about gemstones. I collect information from authentic sources after cross-checking all the facts and put them in my blogs. I always try to elaborate briefly about the gemstones in my articles on the healing properties, ways of using crystals, and many more. I hope my research and information definitely would help you at the time of selling it to your customers.

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