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A Sneak-Peak Into The World’s First No-Code NFT Launchpad

Fundamentals of NFTs 

NFTs presence was at its peak in 2021 with Beeple’s record sales, Sotheby’s auction, etc. It was a composition of black and white news revolving around the inevitable and trendy investment option. 

Few chief notions of NFTs are- 

  • NFTs are digital tokens
  • All the information of a blockchain network is stored in the decentralized ledger
  • They consist of immutable information – date of creation of NFTs, number of editions available, and wallet details.
  • The properties/metadata of the NFTs are – name of the creator, name of content, link of the content. The metadata information might be or not might be immutable. 

For artists, it is always suggested to analyse consensus that blockchain works on, before opting it for their NFT mint. The factors are- 

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Decentralization

NFT launchpad: Explained 

NFT launchpads can be defined as digital medium through which it allows content creators to mint and roll their NFTs. Launchpads offer a proven way to launch high-quality projects. The development team evaluates the project’s challenges and thrives to curate the creation into NFTs to meet the NFT community standards and expectations. 

NFTs are now a familiar concept that has attracted millennials with its intuitive and innovative power in a new form of investment. More and more projects are launching everyday in the NFT space with multi-chain and cross-chain capabilities.

Beyondlife.Club – A launchpad that rolls out NFTs of some of the biggest brands, creators, and artists around the world. Guardianlink is the proud technology partner of Beyondlife. 


GuardianLink is a no-code NFT launchpad that allows the creators to curate their own NFTs in just three minutes. When it is called a no-code NFT launchpad it means that it does not require extensive coding skills to launch NFTs. All codes are already developed and deployed in the backend. It is backed with Anti-Rip AI technology. 


BeyondLife.Club is an NFT launchpad that allows creators, artists, brands, and celebrities to roll out their NFTs at ease. GuardianLink brings the idea, the technology, and puts it in one place which is BeyondLife.Club. It is the byproduct of GuardianLink. Few of the big names like Kalari investment firms are behind GuradinaLink. 

Technology that powers GuardianLink 

  • Anti-Rip Technology

Anti-Rip AI SPYDER Technology allows NFTs to be monitored across the web for duplicates, Rip-offs, and copycats that can damage the authenticity and impact auction. The Anti.Rip AI technology is trained to extract DNAs of NFTs from their respective decentralized file systems, including Pixel, Quantization,Fourier transform, Filtering, and Segmentation. Under which, GuardianLink keeps a record of your NFTs, and shares information about any such duplicacy discovered with their constant surveillance.

  • Wallet Cipher 

GuardianLink’s wallet cipher observes the creator’s and collector’s wallet addresses to assure no manipulation in the price of the NFTs. This ensures the legitimacy of the entire NFT commerce ecosystem.

Successful projects launched by BeyondLife through/ Guardianlink

  1. BeyondLife.Club kick-started its journey with one of the biggest and evergreen superstars. The legendary superstar, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan rolled his NFTs through this platform. It was a huge success. The type of NFTs sold were-
  • BigB loot box
  • BigB Punks
  • Madhushala NFTs
  • BigB Movie posters as NFTs

Out of this, the loot box was sold at fixed price of $10, where all the 5000 boxes were sold in 45 mins. Other NFTs were auctioned off and received huge response. 

2. The second NFT drop was of Chakra The Invincible NFTs. Stan Lee is the same legend that co-created many other marvel creatures like Hulk, Captain America, etc. It had a range of NFTs in its bucket. They are- 

  • Loot Box
  • Chakra ArtPunks
  • JukeBox NFTs
  • Chakra 7 power NFTs
  • Stan Lee NFT

The price of Loot box and Juke box were $25. With in a fraction of second it’s all sold out. It was a great success for the company and the community members. 


To be very precise, BeyondLife.Club is on its way to becoming one of the biggest NFT launchpads in India. It is the world’s first no-code NFT launchpad. The world has welcomed the two projects with the humongous responses.

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