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Advantages of installing vinyl shipping container wall panels

Author Bio – Jenny Jonas was looking for shipping container wall panels. She came across Duramax and ordered the high-end PVC shipping container ceiling panels.  Jenny highly recommends Duramax PVC products that are recyclable and have a money-back guarantee.

The shipping containers have made cargo transportation easier across oceans. The container’s carrying capacity depends on the cargo’s length, which is usually 20ft, 30ft, or even 40ft tall. Premium-grade shipping containers have restaurants, pools, rooms, and other amenities. The interiors of the container vessels are well-protected with Advantages of installing vinyl shipping container wall panelsAdvantages of installing vinyl shipping container wall panels The containers have undergone modernization and can be customized. Installing PVC shipping container ceiling panels is ideal rather than relying on traditional FRP or drywall.

PVC panels are virtually maintenance-free 

The PVC panels have a smooth surface that doesn’t stain or fade. The white, bright, and light-reflective panels don’t turn yellowish. Maintaining the PVC panels doesn’t require professional assistance. Just wipe the panels with a damp mop and soapy water. PVC panels don’t require regular maintenance for their upkeep. Occasional cleanups are enough to retain the pristine white luster. There are no chances of moisture seepage inside the wall panels. The PVC wall panels have studs that directly attach the material to the walls and ceilings with the help of hidden fasteners. The sturdy installation doesn’t allow bacteria to hide around the corners or beneath the panel surface.

PVC panels are 100% waterproof 

The PVC shipping container wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are waterproof. The vinyl panels don’t absorb moisture or humidity. The non-porous wall panels shed off any moisture from the surface and keep the odor in control. The waterproof wall panels are non-reactive to toxic chemicals and don’t rot, rust, warp, bend, or break.

PVC panels are long-lasting 

The PVC panels are 7x times recyclable and have a long lifespan of 140 years. The vinyl panels have a unique inner webbed truss design, making them exceptionally strong and resilient. The ½-inch PVC wall panel is strong and can withstand high impacts. The PVC panels are ideal for high-traffic commercial interiors where humidity is also a cause of concern. While other wall materials like FRP or drywall cannot survive for long in humid, high-traffic zones, the PVC panels last for 40 years minimally without callbacks for repairs, repainting, or replacing.

PVC is mold-free, and hygienic 

The vinyl panels have an anti-mold coated surface. The high-quality PVC panels are resistant to mold, mildew, microbes, and bacteria. The smooth rivet-free panels have no fissures to allow waste or bacterial accumulation. The hygienic wall panels are FDA-compliant, ASTM-certified, and CFIA-certified. 

Final Words 

Duramax PVC products are now affordable at factory-direct rates. Get the panels customized as per requirements. The PVC panels are quality checked and shipped within 2 weeks. Request a quote now. Avail of the free sample.

Summary – The PVC shipping container wall panels are better than drywall or traditional FRP wallboard. The shipping container ceiling panels made from raw vinyl are water-resistant, strong, and mold-free. The vinyl panels are easy to clean and hygienic for the long haul. The PVC panels are durable, recyclable, and have a limited lifetime warranty.


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