Agricultural Machinery Types in India – Uses & Importance

Agricultural Machinery in India

What is agricultural machinery?

Agricultural or farm equipment is any type of machinery used in farming. The best example is a tractor for agricultural machinery. This machinery is very important for farming and other agricultural tasks. Before technology came with agricultural machinery, farming was time-consuming and challenging. But, after the technology came with these farm machinery, farming was easy and efficient. And nowadays, it is more efficient and quick due to the advancement of farming machines. Now let’s know about farm equipements in detail. 

Some Agricultural Machinery

Let’s get all about agricultural machinery from this blog. Here we are with different types of equipment, which are used in farming. So, let us tell you about them. 

  1. Tractor 

Tractors are the essential farm machine for both kinds of farmers, commercial as well as subsistence farmers. The tractor is a large wheeled vehicle, which usually does not do farm works itself. Instead, it helps the farmers by pulling, dragging, lifting other vital tools, including harrows, rotavators, ploughs and more. Unfortunately, those machines can not work themselves due to a lack of an engine. That’s why tractors used to pull them. They also power the tools, which can not power themselves. You can buy it in many sizes, powers, etc., according to the types of your farm work. 

  1. Sprayer

A sprayer is a machine used to spray herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, fertilisers, and other products you need to spray. Sprayers have several types, including agriculture aircraft sprayers and blower-sprayers. These sprayers can spray liquid or powdered insecticides or pesticides. 

  1. Field Cultivator

As the name shows, this machine is used for cultivating the ground and making soil softer for planting. With the help of a cultivator, you can get rid of weeds or make the soil smoother after the crop starts germination. In addition, the cultivator softens the hard ground for easy penetration of water and nutrients. Finally, the machine makes the ground weed-free and prepares it for farming. 

  1. Cultipacker

The Cultipacker is a farming tool to remove air pockets, crush the soil clods, press down tiny stones, form a smooth seedbed, etc. As we know that making a fine seedbed for the crop is essential for good germination. So, it is also an essential machine for farming and sound yield generation. 

  1. Cotton Harvester

Cotton harvester is a type of harvester used to harvest the cotton crop. Pickers and strippers are the types of the cotton harvester. Along with cotton harvesters, Combine Harvesters are also available in the farming sector. The purpose of Combine Harvesters is reaping, threshing, etc., at a time. We can use it for grain crops and others. 

  1. Seeders and Planters

Seeders and Planters make farming work easy. Seeder shows the seeds with speed, and the planter completes the plantation. Apart from this, Super Seeder is a machine, which can perform seeding and planting at one time to minimise the time. 

  1. Plough

Plough performs ploughing to make the soil to its acceptable tilth level. Usually, farmers use this tool to make deep ploughing. However, according to crop conditions, the ploughing count can change. 

  1. Baler

Baler is the machine, which makes valuable bales from crop residues. As we already know, the Government has banned burning farm residues due to excessive pollution in our environment. So, to solve the problem, we can use the baler tool. It has a bale chamber where the baler makes bales. In addition, farmers can use these bales as animal feeders for power generation, packing industries and many more places. 

  1. Rotary Tiller

Rotary tiller has several names, including rotavator, rotary plow, rotary hoe and power tiller. The Rotavator is the most famous name of this farm machine. It has rotary blades connected to the gears, and blades smoothen the soil. Moreover, it has two types first self-driven and second used with the tractors. Several companies manufactured this machine. But some of them can give you a good machine at reasonable prices. For example, Sonalika Rotavator Price is affordable, and the design is fully durable and rigid.

  1. Harrows

Harrow equipment is the tractor-mounted implement. Also, it cultivates the soil surface differently from the plough. Basically, the plough is used for the more profound cultivation, and after the ploughing operations, the farmers use harrows to smooth the rough ends led by the plough. So, its primary purpose is to break up the lumps of soil to a more delicate finish of the soil surface, which is helpful in sowing and plantation. After sowing, it can cover the seeds and make the field weed-free. It has three types: spike harrows, disk harrows, and drag harrows. 

Other Farm Tools 

    • Wheel tractor-scrapper
    • Strip-till
    • Seed drill
    • Broadcast seeder
    • Seed cum fertiliser drill
    • Manure spreader
    • Slurry tank
    • Sprayer
    • Irrigation equipment
    • Fire sprinkler system
    • Centre irrigation
    • Mower
    • Reaper
    • Conveyor belt
    • Grain harvesting machine
    • Vegetable harvesting machine, etc.

Hope you like this information. Let’s read a new one and wait for our next blog. We will come with quality blogs for you. Till then stay fit and healthy. 

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