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When this happens, it’s called a aka ms remoteconnect  and it happens a lot. Most Minecraft players know about this problem, but many don’t know there is a long-term solution. There have been a lot of people who have had the same problem with their PS4, PC, Nintendo, and PS4 games.

What is https aka ms remoteconnect, and how do you fix it?

People who play Minecraft can play it with other people at home by connecting to the same game server through aka.ms/remoteconnect, also known as aka.ms/remoteconnect play or aka.ms/remoteconnect. Minecraft can be played on a lot of different devices, like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Players, on the other hand, need to have a Microsoft account and be able to connect to Minecraft in order to play the game.

To get rid of the horrible aka.ms/remoteconnect problem, follow these simple steps. You can then go back to playing your favourite games without any trouble. Move on to the remedies, which are all very easy to find and fix. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on them.

As far as the URL, aka.ms/remoteconnect, goes

  • At https aka ms remoteconnect, you can connect your Microsoft account and play the Minecraft video game with other people, no matter what kind of game they play.
  • It’s now possible for people to play Minecraft on any Xbox platform, as well as on non-Microsoft game consoles like the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, thanks to a new online gateway that lets them do so.
  • It also lets you play Minecraft on your Android and Apple phones while you’re on the go.
  • Players can also take advantage of the video game’s crossplay feature, which lets them play against people who have different types of gaming consoles. When you move virtual environments and buy in-game items from one game to the next on another platform, you can move them over to the other game.
  • In the Bedrock Edition of the Microsoft Minecraft video game, there is a feature called “crossplay.” This is a big deal to many gamers around the world. If you have a Microsoft account, then you can use this feature. Otherwise, you can’t.


How do I set up Minecraft cross-play on a PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch?


  • If you have a PlayStation store, you can find the Nintendo shop there. You can also find it on the PlayStation 4.
  • On the Nintendo Switch, type “Minecraft” into the search bar. Then, click on the “Minecraft for Switch download link.”
  • Minecraft PS4 is on the PlayStation 4. Type “Minecraft PS4” into the search bar. Then, click on the download Minecraft for PlayStation 4 button to get it.

Fill out the form to get a Microsoft account.

  • To sign in to Minecraft, go to the Minecraft home screen on your device and choose “Sign in.”
  • This means you will be taken to a remote page when you click on the link. You will be able to connect to the login from another place.
  • Use the eight-digit code that you’ll need to activate the app. AKA MS Remote Connect needs this code to activate your account.
  • The first step is to open your web browser and go to https aka ms remoteconnect to start the process.
  • If you have a desktop or laptop computer, you can do this on your browser. You can also do this on your smartphone or tablet, too.
  • You can type the code into the console screen on your computer to get it to work.
  • To move on, click the “Next” button.
  • If you want to finish the process of logging in, read through the text on the screen.

When I play on the Xbox Engine, how do I set up a remote-connect account at https://aka.ms/?

  • On your Xbox, go to the Microsoft Store and buy something.
  • Go to the “Minecraft” video game website and download it, then play the game.
  • Find a window that says “Friends.”
  • In the “Find Cross-Platform Friend” option on the main menu, you can type in the gamertag of a friend and look for them there.
  • You can also make a virtual area where you and your friends can play together. To do this, make sure that the “multiplayer” option is turned on when you start making the game. Playing with friends on more than one platform isn’t always easy, but you can fix it by following these steps:
  • Your game controller should have a drop-down menu. Choose Xbox from that menu.
  • Select “Account” from the menu. In the drop-down menu, choose “Account Privacy & Online Safety” from the list.
  • “Xbox Live Privacy” is the place to go. Fill out the form.
  • “Custom” is the one to pick. Check out the drop-down menu and then click on “Customize.”
  • Take a look at the settings menu to see if “Communication Outside of Xbox Live” is turned on.
When I try to go to http://aka.ms/remoteconnect, I get an error message and can’t do anything.

Players who don’t already have a Microsoft account will need to set one up and then do the https://www.aka.ms/remoteconnect login process again. This should help them. Also, when trying to move consoles, the https aka ms remoteconnect account error might happen if you can’t sign in to the current console. Resetting your Microsoft password may be able to address the problem in such cases. Another way to figure out what’s wrong is to restart your video game platform.

  • Log out of any other consoles that are connected to this one and then leave this one alone.
  • A new Microsoft account must be set up.
  • A new copy of the Minecraft game is being re-downloaded.

There may be a problem with data or files that caused this problem. Then, you may have to delete all of your game files and save games.

To get rid of your data or game files, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your computer so you can play the Minecraft video game.
  • Take a look at the device’s settings.
  • Make sure you go to the System Configurations.
  • As you get ready, make your way to storage.
  • Select “Game Storage” from the drop-down menu, then click on it.
  • Make sure Minecraft is in the drop-down menu.
  • After that, delete all of the data files that you have.
  • Make sure you get rid of all of your Minecraft save games and game dates that have been damaged.

Start the Minecraft game.

  • Then, go to the Settings menu and click on System settings.
  • Two ways to get the Minecraft store files: click on “Storage,” then “Game Storage.”
  • Make sure there are no other files on your computer before you can run Minecraft on it
  • Once this is done, go to the aka.ms remote connect site to keep playing.


Because it stops you from getting into the Minecraft game, aka.ms/remoteconnect is one of the most annoying problems you have to deal with.

We are hopeful that we have been effective in eradicating this unpleasant error situation. Throughout this article, we have talked about the error and also talked about the main reasons for this mistake in this part of the article.

Furthermore, we have included some of the fastest and most successful methods of fixing this challenging situation. Please follow these simple rules to make sure you enjoy the game.

In this post, we talked about how to use the same techniques with any version of Minecraft, and they also work with any PlayStation.

It is now possible to pay for games with any kind of gaming device, which makes the payment process much easier and faster. The only thing you need to do to get in is to sign in with your Microsoft account.

Thank you.

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