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All About Clinicient Software That You Need To Know!

Clinicient began with only one concept: a unified system for managing the whole rehab therapy process. The company is still committed to delivering excellent medical and monetary results for PT, OT, and SLP firms of all levels almost 20 years later. Clinicient is laser-focused on streamlining complicated processes for higher efficiency gains and better results, with the goal of elevating rehab treatment to its due place in the medical environment.

Clinicient EMR and Billing

Clinicient’s single-system solution and data analytics tailored to the needs of ambulatory rehabilitation therapy clinics. It streamlines the time-consuming recording, invoicing, and scheduling processes, allowing therapists to spend more time to care delivery. Clinicient Insight EMR and Billing system are a configurable and versatile EMR and billing solution for occupational, speech, and physical therapy. It’s a web-based EMR for outpatient rehabilitation treatment practises that includes features such as client registration, booking, clinical recording and documentation, and invoicing.

It allows users to manage all aspects of medical activities in one location. Therefore, also enables the creation of customized user profiles. And allows the practice to spend less time documenting and more time focusing on the patients’ needs.

Clinicient EMR Features


Clinicient EMR electronic scheduling and telehealth will help you elevate your practice. Facilities can minimise no-show meetings and enhance client compliance by using a configurable scheduling flow and electronic reminders. Furthermore, with telemedicine appointments, patients can stick to their treatment plan no matter how hectic their calendar becomes.

Fully customizable digital forms

With Insight EMR’s digital intake, you can optimize your front desk procedures. Provide your clients with the option of filling out forms online prior to their consultation. Also, Your healthcare service team can stay on track by using online digital intake, which decreases physical touch and minimizes time-consuming data input.

Electronic Transactions

Give your clients a simpler, quicker bill pay alternative with HIPAA, TCPA, CFPB, and PCI safe digital payments, which have a 43 percent payment capture accuracy and an average payment time of 14 days. Using sophisticated dunning intelligence, optimize payment messaging and make it simple for clients to understand what is owing when it is overdue, and how to make the payment directly electronically.

Clinical Documentation

The ability to create and manage documents is one of Insight EMR’s best-known functionalities. In the first instance, the goal of Insight EMR was to eliminate the necessity for paper-based practice management. According to a recent study, clinicians’ customers complete therapy paperwork 30 percent faster.

Insight RCM Solutions

Dedicated Revenue Cycle Manager

Insight RCM will scrub and file your claims on a daily basis, as well as negotiate on your behalf as necessary. Payer information, payment posting, A/R administration, and clearinghouse requirements are all managed by the program.

You may expect a lot from Insight RCM.

  • There is only one point of contact.
  • Billing regulations managed by a specialized payer intelligence group (per carrier, per state)
  • Administration of the clearinghouse for digital claims and payments enrolment
  • Guidance on best practices

Automated Billing Workflows

Insight RCM oversees the whole collections procedure for PT, OT, and SLP firms and simplifies tiresome billing procedures using the software, which is intend to take the “labour” out of your revenue generation processes.

Rigorous KPI Benchmarking

Insight RCM laser-focused on your performance, with tough goals above MGMA’s account receivable requirements. The software  selects, tracks, and analyzes the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important to your economic success

Quick-Look Financial Intelligence

Make wise and well-informed business choices. Insight RCM gives you quick access to a wide range of financial reporting KPIs.

Insight EMR Benefits

Single Patient Record – Minimise duplication of effort by using a unified client record to guarantee that claims and paperwork are always in sync.

Automation – Streamline billing and collection duties such as determining insurance eligibility and rewards, handling denials, claims revisions, and remittance advice, among others.

Optimised Charges – Streamline processes for automatic charge capture and aggregation, billable unit optimization, charge verification prior to claim submission, and more.

Holistic View of Financial Health – With practice metrics, KPIs, and benchmarks, you can get a thorough picture of the health of your medical practice.

Support and Training offered by Insight

Clinicient offers a variety of training and support techniques to help users embrace the latest tech, discover new tips and techniques, and respond to how-to queries rapidly and effortlessly. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our community site, which includes a comprehensive knowledge base with videos, webinars, publications, and more. Our Insight solution also includes training sessions, so you can swiftly and effortlessly navigate through step-by-step tutorials without ever leaving the platform. Depending on your organisation’s needs, in-person, email, and phone assistance with highly educated industry leaders are also accessible.

Insight Software Reviews

Overall as for Insight EMR Reviews, the software has received a lot of positive reviews. Therefore, the software has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars which are really good compare to other software. For Insight EMR Pricing, the software pricing starts at $50 per month, per provider. Also, the software also offers a free trial which is great. However, there is no free version available. If you want to schedule a Clinicient EMR demo, please schedule FindEMR. 

Insight Software Summary

Insight EMR and Billing provides a powerful system for speeding up billing and payments, reducing manual labour. Therefore, It is allowing employees to focus on providing tailored care to clients. Users can tailor client notes and make adjustments to client circumstances by customizing templates for everyday reporting. Also, It boosts administrative effectiveness by providing extensive communication scheduling are all kept track of by the multifaceted system. However, the platform is different capabilities and integrating with different third-party systems. Billing, patient notes, and difficult to set up at first, is prone to errors, has a basic user interface. Also, its customer assistance should be enhanced. Its scheduling functionality is missing a waitlist, and its server is sluggish and slow to load.

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