All You Need to Know About Tattoo Numbing Cream

A tattoo is one of the best ways to express your emotion to people without saying anything. However, the thought of needles drilling on your skin might be enough to prevent you from creating those important and willing works of art. Fortunately, there is a tattoo numbing cream available in the market that can assist you in this situation. It is very common to hear of people arriving at the tattoo salon and canceling the tattoo appointment because of hearing the tattoo gun. There are people who compose their tattoo experiences as horror stories and make us wonder if the experience is worth it. While it is true that tattooing can be painful, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your plans to get signed just because of the pain. Keep reading to learn more about numbing cream.  

Are Tattoo Artists Using Numbing Creams Nowadays?

Unless a client specifically tells a tattoo artist to use a cream for numbing the skin, most tattoo artists do not apply the numbing products. As a tattoo artist, one of the reasons for avoiding numbing creams is because of the unique experience of tattooing itself.

The pain of the tattoo is believed by many to be an essential part of the experience, which makes the tattoo even more special and valuable as a result. There are many other reasons as well, such as numbing creams may mess up the design of the tattoo or make the tattooist’s work difficult.

There have been instances when tattooists have had a bad experience with numbing creams that have not worked, and the client still experiences very high pain levels even after using the cream. The tattoo artist, however, must continue with the tattoo since they have already begun the process of tattooing. As a result, the client, as well as the tattoo artist, find themselves in a very difficult position.

If, however, the client is specifically requesting a tattoo numb cream, tattooists will normally use the product in order to make sure that the client has the best possible experience.

Is It Safe to Use Numbing Creams?

Actually, the FDA approves numbing creams, and they have generally been considered safe and effective. It is true that they are safe as long as they are used correctly and as long as they are used for intended situations, like tattooing. 

If you use numbing cream excessively and frequently, there is a higher risk of the numbing agents getting into your bloodstream through the skin as they become absorbed into the skin. This can lead to seizures and heart attacks, according to the FDA.

Nevertheless, consider these things before using a numbing cream:

  • In some cases, numbing creams may not work at all
  • Once the numbing effect wears off, one might experience amplified pain in the tattooed area
  • During the tattooing process, numbing cream can sometimes cause allergic reactions in some people
  • Numbing can even affect the final tattoo design. 

How Do Numbing Creams Work On Skin? 

If you are familiar with numbing tattoo creams, you may have guessed correctly that these creams work by numbing the nerves and reducing the perception of pain by reducing the transference of pain to the brain. But in fact, the secret lies in the very ingredients used to make the creams themselves that explain how they are able to work. So then, let us take a quick look at the ingredients that make up the numbing cream. 

Nerve Deadeners Or Lidocaine 

Lidocaine plays the role of a local anesthetic in that it prevents the nerves from recognizing pain. As a result, even if the nerve feels any pain, it is somewhat subdued and comes in the form of discomfort rather than sharp pain.

You should be aware that Lidocaine remains on the surface of the skin, which means it won’t help to protect the skin from the needle when it penetrates it during the tattoo session. It does, however, reduce the pain levels and make them more bearable.

Nerve Blockers 

Blocking nerves with nerve blockers like tetracaine and benzocaine allows your nerves not to recognize every bit of pain. That sounds great, doesn’t it? But nerve blockers don’t do much on their own, so they need to be combined with Lidocaine for maximum pain relief.


In numbing creams, epinephrine is probably even more important than Lidocaine. The cream lasts longer due to epinephrine, which causes the blood vessels to constrict where you apply the cream. Additionally, it minimizes bleeding and swelling during and after the tattoo session.

How To Use A Numbing Cream?

Here are some steps to follow when using a numbing tattoo cream for the first time;

Pick The Right Numbing Cream

You should know that not all numbing creams are good, and not all creams are suitable for different tattoos. If you want the numbing cream to work, you must choose the right one. For example, if a numbing cream contains only Lidocaine or only epinephrine, then it will not work, or it will not last long enough. When choosing numbing cream, make sure it has the right ingredients and is intended for the right reasons.

Ensure The Tattoo Area Is Clean

You should clean the area where you are going to apply the numbing cream. Therefore, if you are getting a tattoo, you should make sure you arrive clean. You should take a good shower before the session. Also, try to shave the area beforehand and do it carefully and gently.

Tattooists should thoroughly clean the tattoo area with a water-soap solution to remove any excess dead skin or oil. Wipes soaked in alcohol can also be used.

Use The Numbing Cream

After cleaning and sparkling everything, you have to apply the numbing cream. After applying the cream, tattooists should let it sit for half an hour. Then, we recommend you follow the instructions written on the cream. Tattoo cream usually takes longer to start working on thicker skin. So, both the client and the tattooist should not rush through this step.

Remove Any Excess Cream

As a result, the tattoo-to-be area is now numb as the cream has taken effect. Before the tattooing, the tattooist must remove any excess cream and wash the area again. They may clean the area with alcohol wipes. The tattooist increases your chances of getting cream in your bloodstream if any cream remains on the skin.

Other Uses Of Numbing Creams 

Tattooists make the tattooing process more comfortable by using numbing cream. There are, however, a variety of numbing cream applications that we should also be aware of. Numbing creams can, for example:

Get Relief From Sunburn

In cases of severe sunburn, creams containing more than 5% Lidocaine can provide relief. Sunburn cream dulls the skin, reduces pain, and generally provides quick relief without the need for medication.

Pain Relief For Joints

Arthritis and degenerative bone diseases cause severe pain in joints. Numbing creams can alleviate the pain in degenerative bone diseases due to Lidocaine’s pain-relieving qualities.

Scabies Itching Relief

Scabies lotions and medications do not provide immediate relief from itching as numbing creams do. However, there is also some relief from redness, flaking, and inflammation caused by scabies by using numbing creams.

Hemorrhoids Pain And Itching Reduction

The pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids can significantly affect one’s quality of life. People use several creams to reduce swelling of the anal area due to inflamed veins. However, the effects of the cream are usually short-lived or nonexistent. Since hemorrhoids cause pain and itching, numbing creams have proven to be quite useful and effective.

Closing Words

numbing creams can be life-saving if you are afraid of tattoo pain or tattoo needles. Prior to using topical anesthetic products, however, we recommend you do thorough research or consult a medical professional. In cases of skin allergies and skin conditions, this is especially important.


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