Amazing Seasonal Requirements Of Cars And Their Remedies From Automobile Car Starter To Windows Tinting

Heat and humidity are strenuous; not just for, but also for your car. It can lead to a spell of issues in your vehicle. It can cause the liquid electrolyte inside the battery to evaporate which can erode the latter’s ability to hold an electrical charge. This can also reduce the ability of the battery to do enough to start the engine. The hot climate also means increased power demand from both vehicle cooling systems and air conditioning systems. In essence, from the dashboard to the tire every part of your vehicle can get affected in the intense heat of the hot summer. You need to do something to at least bring down the need for air conditioning. So, how do you do that? 

Tint King Scarborough

You need to shield your vehicle from the heat if you are living in a place with singing summers. To that effect, you need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your vehicle. To bring down the effect of heat on the air condition system, you can hire the services of a window tinting service like Tint King Scarborough. Using window tints can bring down your need for air conditioning since window tints shield the car interior from sunlight. However, window tinting is not arbitrary. You need to follow the rules of window tinting in Ontario.

Tint king Scarborough

Window Tinting Rules In Scarborough

If you are looking to use window tints you must know that there are different rules for different windows of your car. 

  • Windshield

You cannot have any tint on the windshield if you had bought the car in 2017 or later. Even the OEMs cannot have less than70% VLT in the windshield. Moreover, the film must not extend more than 75mm on the top. 

  • Front side windows

Front side windows of cars coming out of the manufacturer may have 70% VLT tints on the front side windows. Although aftermarket tinting of front side windows is not expressly prohibited, it does discourage too much tinting that can reduce the vision inside. Thus, tinting front-side windows is somewhat risky.

  • Back windows

The saving grace is that Ontario law does not prohibit tinting of the back side windows and rear window of your car. So, if you are living in Scarborough, you need to make sure that you are not overdoing aftermarket window tinting of your car. 

Automobile Car Starter

Vehicles also have seasonal requirements. Much like window tinting and car cooling solutions in intense summer, you may need to fit accessories to your car in freezing winter. During extreme winter temperatures, you may need to spend many valuable minutes to start your car. Moreover, the car interior becomes too cold to even drive the car properly. This is when an Automobile Car Starter can be of good use. Such a kit can help you start your car from outside the car while seating at home or office. 


Depending on the season, you may need to fit cooling or heating solutions to your car. However, rules are dictating the aftermarket car accessories market. You need to have a good knowledge of this. To make a conclusion the two must-have accessories that you need are a window tint and a high-tech car starter. In the end, you need to follow the rules when it comes to window tints for your car. Also, you need some crucial accessories that help with easily starting your car during extreme temperatures. All in all, you have to follow the law when it comes to window tinting and installation.  Moreover, you should get the accessories to meet your seasonal requirements.

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