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An Overview of How to Use Portland Cement in Construction Projects

Before knowing the applications of Portland cement in construction projects, it’s essential to know what Portland cement is. So, let me help you out regarding your concern.

What is Portland Cement?


Portland cement, used as a mixing component, is obtained from a mixture of limestone and clay. It provides strength to external structures. What makes Portland Cement different from ordinary cement? It contains little or no iron or manganese. It gives ordinary cement a gray color. Did you know? The name Portland cement came from the hydration products that looked like the building stone from the Isle of Portland on the British coast. Joseph Aspdin invented Portland cement in 1824. 

Two popular types of Portland cement with their uses –

  • Ordinary Portland Cement –

OPC is the fundamental Portland cement used in general concrete construction. OPC is applied where there are no sulfates in the soil and groundwater.

Different grades of ordinary Portland Cement and their uses –

  • 33-grade Portland Cement – 

33-grade cement is used in mortar for plaster and masonry. Plastering and flooring are often made from this cement. It is used for making concrete and has a grade up to M-20.

  • 43-grade Portland Cement – 

This is used for RCC purposes providing strength to your home. It is used to make concrete that has a grade between M-20 and M-30. 

  • 53-grade Portland Cement –

This is used in the making of bridges and roads. It is used in the making of concrete having a grade higher than M-30.

  • Portland Pozzolana Cement –

By Grinding Portland cement and pozzolana materials, PPC is obtained. The number of pozzolana materials varies from 10% to 25%. PPC is most suitable for marine structures like dams and bridges. It finds its application in the sanitation system like sewers. It has a low binding property, but when in powdered form, with the presence of water it may react with Calcium Hydroxide. Therefore, it has enough binding properties.

Difference between OPC and PPC

  • OPC has a higher setting strength and embodies an easy manufacturing process than PPC.
  • PPC is just a variation of OPC with added Pozzolana materials such as fly ash and volcanic ash.
  • PPC and OPC both contain eco-friendly products, but PPC employs natural and industrial waste that reduces environmental pollution.
  • One most important thing is the budget. PPC is cheaper in comparison to OPC. 
  • The quantity of PPC used in concrete is less in comparison to OPC.

Benefits of Portland Cement –

A home built from Portland cement contains high strength and durability. This cement can resist wet and thermal cracking and has excellent workability in concrete and motor. Portland cement finds its application in mass construction. If you are looking for cement with high longevity, go for Portland Pozzolana cement. It is suitable for use in adverse environmental conditions.

Why choose MP Birla Portland Cement?

When choosing a cement brand, trust should come first. Building a home means more than constructing it with bricks and cement. Make a home with strength and quality with MP Birla cement. It is the most trusted cement brand in the market. Customers prefer MP Birla cement as the best cement brand in India. The best quality cement gives a faster setting when compared to other ordinary cement brands. This cement has a low Alkali content ensuring alkali-aggregate reactions with higher durability. A great packaging prevents the cement from coming in contact with moisture, thereby ensuring a long-lasting effect. The best quality cement offered by MP Birla has the property of anti-corrosion.

So, choose MP Birla Cement, the best cement brand in India, and make it the home of your dreams. A home built with love and affection is more than just blocks. Visit the website of MP Birla to learn about their cement online.

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