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Are You Using the Right Beer Glass?

What is the best way to chill with your friends on a Saturday evening? Most of us may answer this question in one word – “Clubbing.” And who doesn’t love grooving on the beats and boozing with friends till you are completely drunk? But when it comes to alcohol, beer is the most commonly consumed one. This is why people prefer to catch up with their friends over a glass of beer rather than coffee (especially when it comes to informal meetings in the evening).

In 2020, around 177.50 million kiloliters of beer was consumed. Many people prefer mugs with froth brimming out of their containers, and many people are can lovers and just gulp it down in a few minutes. But do you know that your choice of beer glass makes a difference in your drinking experience? Simply searching for beer glasses for sale on the internet and buying the most elegant-looking ones is not the right approach. Instead, you should consider the shape of the glass to ensure that you can sip and nurse your drink with more love.  Too much confusion? Don’t worry! We will try to clear off all the clouds of doubts in this blog and help you choose the barware for your in-house dining and bar.

How can the shape of the beer glass affect your drinking experience?

A beer glass is not just a container but is more like equipment that can deliver the beer’s best taste. Hence, it is manufactured according to the variant of the beer. Some are manufactured to handle the froth, some are designed to lock the aroma and some are created to exhibit the true color of the beer.  Let’s discuss the most popular shapes available in beer glasses and how they can affect you.

Tankard Mugs

It is cylindrical drinkware and consists of a handle like a teacup. These are made up of elements like silver, glass, wood, ceramic, etc. This variant came into the limelight in the 18th &19th centuries (in Britain & Ireland). And even today, all the western animated shows use this shape to indicate beer glasses.

Tulip Glass

As the name suggests, the shape of the glass is similar to a tulip and many can even compare it with a brandy snifter. The head of the glass has a flare in the outward direction to easily retain the froth. It is usually recommended to serve aromatic beers like Scottish ales, barleywines, etc. Tulip glasses with less curvature on the top are called thistle glasses and are somewhat equivalent to tulip glasses.


Have you heard of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”?  You must have seen a glass-like structure with fire. That structure is called a goblet in drinkware. These glasses are large bowl-shaped glasses with a thick stem. Some may think that these glasses are the same as white wine glasses, but it is not true. These are huge in size and have thicker glass walls.

Stange Glasses

Many people misread it as “strange glass,” but this term is completely incorrect. The concept of this glass shape originated in Germany, and the word “stange” means rod in their language. It is named stage due to its tall and slender shape. It is said that no list is complete without mentioning this glass shape. This beer glass may look boring, but it is suggested to serve a delicate beer.

Pint glasses

One of the most commonly used beer glass variants is a pint glass. It looks similar to normal glasses with thick walls. Though they are commonly used in homes and small cafés, they were originally manufactured for shaking drinks. As a result, these glasses can’t retain the aroma and froth of the beer and hence destroy the taste of the beer.

Which is the most suitable glass shape for drinking beer?

The answer to this question depends on your preference and the type of beer you consume. People who can drink a large amount of beer in one shot should opt for a shape that can hold that amount. However, if you are an occasional drinker, glasses that can help retain the flavor should be on your list. And before looking for Beer Glasses for sale, buy some beer tasting glasses (remember this drinkware is inevitable).


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