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Art Conservation: How to preserve the heritage?

Heritage is a set of customs, traditions, and religious and social legacies. However, that is specific to a specific country or human group, and these customs. But, traditions apply because of their presence in previous generations. Where they are transmitted from grandparents to parents and children. Art conservation and preservation of heritage are represented in individual or collective human behavior. However, that helps preserve the heritage identity of human peoples. Above all, UNESCO has taken care of human heritage. Through the existence of a global agreement concerned. With the world’s cultural and natural heritage, and through this agreement. It is possible to infer from some of its provisions how to preserve heritage. According to the following Imposing public policies. However, existence some public policies are aimed at highlighting the cultural heritage of people. As one of the components of human societies and blending heritage. Historical components with contemporary human activities.

Heritage and civilization

Increasing service centers and museums Establishing some service centers in areas. They contain heritage monuments, which aim to familiarize people with the culture. And natural heritage through the presence of some employees familiar. But, with the heritage in those areas, who can convey the image to local or external visitors. And increase the number of museums that preserve the civilizational. And cultural heritage and work to protect it and enhance its role in society. Certainly, finding legal legislation Creates strict legal legislation. That guarantees the protection of the heritage and civilization of the people. The prevention of attacks on heritage monuments. To ensure the sustainability of their existence. Therefore, the prevention of obliteration of natural and cultural heritage in various parts of the world. However, this contributes to addressing looting, theft, and destruction of cultural monuments in particular. Establishing some committees specialized in researching cultural and heritage issues.

Restoring some heritage

These committees are specialized in training individuals to protect heritage. To allocate appropriate budgets for researching natural and historical heritage. However, restoring some heritage areas that need that. Establishment of development funds Establishing development funds to support heritage. Therefore, natural monuments especially those that have a historical and world heritage value. Where some sums are collected or spent on these monuments. And these funds may be supplied to these funds from cultural organizations. Also public institutions, and or individuals. However, the individual role in preserving heritage is to confront ignorance of the value of heritage. But by educating and educating individuals on the importance of heritage. For preserving cultural heritage threatened with extinction by placing it in a museum.

The preservation of heritage

It must be pointed out the importance of art conservation or heritage in the lives of people. As heritage is an integral part of human societies. And the true identity that distinguishes each people from other human people. Through dialects, social practices, and some traditional crafts and handicrafts, individuals. Above all, show their attachment to historical assets, and preserve heritage. But, human people can face the effects of globalization. That threatens social identity and the preservation of cultural diversity. All members of human societies should pay attention to heritage. Meanwhile, both tangible and intangible, by embracing cultural heritage. And consolidating the importance of heritage in the younger generations.

What are the types of heritage?

Heritage has several types that can be observed in any society. However, the most prominent of which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Religious heritage.
  • Natural heritage.
  • Cultural Heritage.
  • linguistic heritage.
  • Scientific heritage.
  • Literary heritage.
  • Cultural heritage.

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