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Asus Touchpad Driver Not Working On My laptop

ASUS Touchpad driver allows ASUS laptop owners to prepare their touchpads for everyday use. Windows OS will detect your touchpad and automatically load a generic driver, but it will not provide basic trackpad features. This will be useful for only the most experienced users.
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The official ASUS touchpad driver can be downloaded and installed to allow your OS access to a variety of advanced features that have been tested and optimized by the hardware maker. These include advanced algorithms for palm detection, multitouch use, OS gestures, and error correction.

What is a driver?

System drivers are information that allows devices to communicate more effectively after an operating system or software update. It can even fix bugs in the software and provide performance enhancements.

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When you plug in a new device, computer drivers are automatically installed. It might happen so fast that you don’t pay much attention. You forget how important drivers are to keep your computer system functioning.

Why is the Asus  Laptop Touchpad not working?

You can access your laptop using a touchpad without the use of a mouse. What if your laptop doesn’t respond quickly? Your work may be affected. There are many reasons why Touchpad doesn’t work, but we have listed the most important ones below.

  • Drivers for touchpads that are no longer supported
  • Windows XP and older versions
  • Storage space for hog-ups
  • Failure to set up the touchpad
  • Software that creates friction between two programs
  • Perhaps Touchpad has been disabled

These are the main reasons your Asus touchpad isn’t working correctly. No matter if your laptop is made by HP, Dell, or Samsung, Asus’ touchpad will stop working. Make sure your touchpad drivers are up-to-date.

Here are some solutions to fix Asus Touchpad issues on Windows 10. Let’s not waste any more time.

Modification in Settings

Step-1 Use Windows+I hotkeys, or any other preferred method to access the built-in Settings app. Select from different categories by heading to Devices.

Step 2: Click on Touchpad in the left pane to open the new page.

Step 3: Click on the Additional Settings link. You will see a popup with Mouse Properties. Click on the UltraNav tab.

Step 4: Move quickly to the TouchPad section. Make sure the Enable TouchPad dialog box has been checked.

Step 5: Click Apply first, then OK before closing to save any modifications.

You can check if the Asus touchpad works. Try the next method if it still doesn’t work.

Update Asus Touchpad

Another way to fix Windows Asus’ touchpad is to update the Touchpad Driver to the most recent version on Windows 10/8.1/8. Follow these simple steps to resolve Asus touchpad problems.

  • 1) Go to the Asus Support Center.
  • 2) Mention Model Name.
  • 3) Click the Drivers and Tools options.
  • 4) Find out what your Windows operating systems are.
  • 5) Select Touchpad then Global for the latest Asus touchpad driver.
  • 6) installed driver, & restart your laptop.

These methods should work to fix the problem with your Asus touchpad scroll not functioning. We would love to hear from you if you have other helpful tips for Asus problems fix. Windows Password Key is the solution to your problem with Windows password recovery. It can quickly reset administrator and user passwords on any Windows computer without needing to reformat or reinstall it. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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