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Athena EHR VS AdvancedMD EHR and its features!

Athena EHR  is a cloud-based health services company that offers five solutions to help clinicians manage different aspects of their practice. The simplified workflows of the company encourage patient-centric care. They also support HIPAA and MACRA compliance. Practice Management, Telemedicine, and iPad EMR software are some of the services offered. The company offers many testimonials from satisfied customers to help you make the right choice.

Both the AdvancedMD EMR and the Athenahealth EMR offer clinical and administrative functions. However, there are some differences. AdvancedMD was designed to address both organizational and clinical needs. Athenahealth EMR is targeted at physicians. AdvancedMD EHR provides a per-instance payment model. Both are ideal for small practices.

Athena EHR for health, which includes medical billing, reduces the administrative burden associated with patient information management. Its cloud-based database allows users to easily update patient information. It provides encryption and central storage. Athenahealth is also an innovator in hybrid models that combine medical billing and EMR system. This company has been a leader in the industry for many years and continues to expand with cutting-edge analytics and learning capabilities as well as other innovations.

What is Athena EHR:

Athenahealth is a cloud-based clinical and financial solution for healthcare providers and practices. It integrates software services to decrease administrative burdens and improve clinical efficiency. It improves patient-centric care by streamlining physician workflows.

It also includes tools for patient engagement such as patient portals and telehealth services.


Customer Support. Users with difficulty in implementation were given adequate support. Nearly 90% of users are satisfied with the fact that they have access to support at all times.

Functionality Athena provides all functionality required by medical practitioners, according to slightly over 75% of user reviews.

75% of reviews noted that the interface was simple and intuitive.

Accessibility: 60% of those who spoke out about accessibility said that there has been no system downtime. Users also believed that they could access all the functions they need whenever they want.


Claims While users lauded the claim scrubbing feature, nearly 70% of reviewers found it unsatisfactory. Users feel that claim language is unclear and clearing claims can be difficult. Users also felt that they did not receive enough support when contacting the feature.

Price: While only 10% of reviewers mention it, 80% of users reported that the high price of the system was an issue.

Accuracy Some reviewers noted that they had difficulty searching for or entering data on the platform, and discovered inconsistencies within their records. 60% of users reported this issue and praised Athena’s accuracy.

Suggestions: Users can make suggestions to improve the system through a forum. However, nearly 70% of those who reviewed this feature thought that suggestions from larger companies were preferable to smaller ones.

What is AdvancedMD EHR?

AdvancedMD EHR was designed to be cloud-based and integrated for advanced note-taking. It’s flexible and feature-packed so that any practice can use it. It can be used anywhere, including on smartphones and tablets. However, it can also easily be installed on any computer.

It can be used by organizations to increase practice traffic, generate revenue, and not compromise the quality of care.


Customization More than 65% of reviews mention customizations in the system.

Integration While only 10% of reviews mention this, 85% thought the system was well integrated with other medical software.


Implementation: Unfortunately, the vendor does not offer sufficient implementation support. It is difficult to learn. More than 80% of user reviews reflect this.

Functionality 67% of users felt that the system lacked some functionality.

Price More than 90% of users who reviewed it said they were dissatisfied with the hidden fees.

Customer service: Customer reviews reflected 65% of customer satisfaction. Customers felt they were hard to reach and could not get the answers they required. Customer support was also often ineffective.

Our thoughts:

We hope you found this article helpful. For more information, contact the vendor to request a demonstration of AdvancedMD or Athena. We are happy to assist our readers in making the right decisions for their practice. What EMR software do YOU think is best suited for your needs?

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