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Awesome Features of Brighton and Sussex Medical School UK

Brighton and Sussex Medical School UK

Brighton and Sussex Medical School UK

The Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) offers admissions to approximately 200 undergraduate medical students (BM BS). Here are listed some awesome features of Brighton and Sussex medical school UK you should know before opting for study in UK. Doesn’t worry the best study in UK consultant will help you to opt for the best university as per your desire.

A total of 193 seats have been allocated for UK / EU students, leading to fierce competition among foreign applicants for the remaining 10 seats to become one of the UK’s best medical universities. Like UG, international students must also compete to enroll in PG programs. In addition, of the 19 BSMS PG subjects, international students are eligible for only 12 subjects. Check out: BSMS PG courses for Indians.

Features of Brighton and Sussex Medical School UK

The above data show that the admission rate is only 5% for an international candidate applying to an institution, which naturally makes it very selective. The university has an admissions process that not only evaluates a candidate’s past academic records. And English language scores, but also evaluates the opportunity to contribute to the health sector through interviews. The interview will only be scheduled if the applicant meets the Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT).

Important Details

The University offers MBBS degrees for 5 years with an estimated Rs. 17 lane. It is considered one of the best medical colleges in the country. It was founded in 1941. Has been operating for over 75 years. They celebrated the university’s diamond festival. If you are looking for a good University for MBBS, this is not a small thing to consider.

Government Support

The university is fully supported by the UK Government. Also, it offers excellent quality of education at the lowest cost. When a government intervenes in an educational institution, it is not a matter of academic or non-academic concern. Safety is also a parameter that parents can be confident about.

Internship Choice

The university offers the MBBS program for 6 years. Out of 6 years, 5 years are devoted to the basic education of the MBBS program and one year is required for internship by all students. Students who choose to do their internship at university-related hospitals or they can also go to their home country and continue their internship for one year. Then they can practice in their own country or in another country of their choice.

Reasons to Invest in the University

The university has about 8,000 students who are of Indian descent. They all follow MBBS from the country. The university has about 300 students from India who have studied in various courses. Students studying from foreign universities are required to take a screening exam. Exam organized by the Medical Council of India and only then can they start their internship in India. So, the percentage of students who take this test is 28%.

Study MBBS in UK

Country specifics Law and order conditions in the UK are of high quality and students from different countries going to study MBBS in UK are completely safe. Also, there are many people from all over the world who study or work in the UK. The UK Government is committed to ensuring that students from foreign nationals receive the best quality medical education of international standards as well as traditional British medicine.

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