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Beauty Hacks That Will Fall within Your Budget

Cosmetics are expensive. Every year you find new prices for the same product, and after the pandemic, the companies have found a new way to make profits without increasing the prices – by reducing the size and quantity. Now a 100ml makeup remover bottle is sold at the same price as a 200ml bottle.

Many people have learned to live on a budget after witnessing the damaging effects of the pandemic, but there are still some things that do not fall within a budget, and cosmetic products are one of them. Many of you spend a lot of money on makeup products. In fact, some of you look for cash in 15 minutes to fund them.

You can say that you should stop putting on makeup, but honestly, that is not feasible at all. Some people need it as a necessity.

What does the survey say about the use of makeup?

A report has figured out Brits women spend about £400 on cosmetics every year. 38% of them said they purchase cosmetics when they are on discount, 35% said they buy when they run out, and 27% said they do when they wish to.

The same report revealed that a majority of women – about 75% – took into account the pricing to decide if they should buy that particular product, while 55% preferred the brand name.

The same report revealed that an average makeup bag consists of at least 24 products at a time, and they may range from lipsticks to lip liners and from blushes to mascaras. It shows that it is pretty impossible for women to live without makeup.

However, the survey revealed that 27% of women used makeup every day. Cosmetics have become a necessity for some women, but as prices are constantly increasing, it has become a concern among those whose decisions are subject to prices. Then comes beauty hacks.

Beauty hacks that will fall within your budget

Well, you can get a professional look without spending a lot of money on cosmetic products. Here are some tips to follow to cut back on your cosmetics:

  • Basics are important but affordable

Makeup is put on to enhance your look, but you can do it in natural ways as well. Your skin will look great if you take care of it. Moisturising is the essential thing that you cannot leave. Every night you should wash your face and apply moisturiser. It will keep your skin hydrated.

If you have already put on makeup, remove it with a makeup remover or face wash and tap water. While going to bed, your face should be free from makeup traces as it will otherwise clog your pores. Moisturising is also important in the morning time when you take a bath.

As soon as you get out of the shower, it would be best if you immediately moisturise your face. Then, you can use a foundation or concealer. When you moisturise your skin, you will feel less need of putting on extra layers of makeup.

  • Get ideas from YouTube

YouTube is flooding with makeup tutorials. You can find numerous videos on this platform talking about beauty hacks. You will get loads of ideas that come within your budget. You will likely get some brands that sell cosmetic products at affordable prices.

Some YouTubers are influencers who refer particular cosmetic products to people. You can follow them and take their advice. However, you should still be careful about those products. Test before you buy them.

For instance, if you have got to know about a foundation, you should apply it in a small amount on your hand’s back. But if it looks good and does not cause irritation. Do not rush in buying them in bulk, as you may need to apply them over time to reach a conclusion.

  • Compare prices

There are various types of cosmetic products that you can use. Sometimes you fall in love with a brand and do not think of buying another brand even though it is cheaper. Most of the cosmetic products are more or less the same, so you should compare prices.

They vary because of brand value. Be careful about the store you are buying from. Drug stores charge more prices than grocery stores. Department stores can also give you cosmetic products at a great deal. Online retail stores are also popular.

You will likely get a wide range of makeup products, and you can easily compare the prices. Sometimes they offer exclusive deals on their products. Buying from online stores will be an affordable option for you.

  • Take care of your makeup products

Makeup products do expire, and even if their expiry date is yet to come, they may have gone off. For instance, if you do not screw the cap of mascara, it will become dry. Eyeliner and mascara should be appropriately screwed.

Try to avoid keeping it at a hot temperature like in your car. Do not buy these items in bulk. You should check your makeup kit before you purchase new packs. It is just a complete waste of money on buying more and more when you have not finished your existing products..

Additional hacks to follow

Here are the additional beauty hacks to follow to save money on cosmetics:

  • Use cotton instead of makeup wipes. Wet cotton swabs with tap water and slide them across your face. You do not need to buy makeup remover.
  • Cut your makeup cleaning wipes into half to make them last longer.
  • Make your own facial scrub to remove dead skin cells. You can get ideas from the internet.
  • Make homemade exfoliating masks.

The bottom line

Cosmetic products are undoubtedly expensive, but you can save your money using the aforementioned beauty hacks.

Compare prices and choose the one that falls within your budget. Online stores will let you get favourable deals.

Keep your skin healthy. If you do the basics, your skin will stay healthy, and you do not need to use concealer to hide blemishes and all.

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