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Benefits and methods of doing Kayakalpa yoga

Regular practice of Kayakalpa yoga is very beneficial to increase the energy of the body and sharpen the mind, know how to do this yoga practice correctly?

Regular practice of yoga is extremely beneficial to staying physically and mentally healthy and fit. People who practice yoga regularly remain fit and healthy. There are different yoga postures and asanas for almost all parts of the body. The practice of Kayakalpa Yoga is very beneficial to staying mentally and physically healthy in life. This yoga works to improve the overall health of the body. Regular practice of Kayakalpa yoga strengthens the nervous system of the body. Let us know what is Kayakalpa Yoga? How do you practice it? And what are the benefits to the body of its regular practice?

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What is Kayakalpa Yoga?

Kayakalpa yoga is practiced to improve the overall health of the body. Kayakalpa yoga means to lead the body towards immortality. The name of this yoga, which improves the energy of life and the body, has been formed by combining the words Kaya and Kalpa from Sanskrit. And sages convert sexual energy into spiritual energy. The main purpose of its practice is to make the body and mind calm and comfortable.

How to Do Kayakalpa Yoga?

This yoga basically includes pranayama and different methods of breathing. The way to practice Kayakalpa Yoga is as follows.

  • This yoga is practiced while sitting in a relaxed position.
  • In this yoga, special attention is given to the way of breathing.
  • Sitting in a relaxed posture, breathe slowly through the nose and exhale rapidly through the mouth.
  • After this, in the second posture, by closing one nostril, the breath is drawn inwards and then it is released back.
  • The method of breathing through one nose.
  • In this yoga mode, apart from breathing yoga, there are many types of treatment methods and massage, etc.
  • You should do the complete practice of this yoga only under the supervision of an expert.

Benefits of Kayakalpa Yoga:

The practice of this yoga works to increase the energy of the body along with calming and sharpening the mind. The purpose of this yoga practice is to completely renew the body. It also focuses on reducing the effects of aging on the body. The benefits of regular practice of this Yoga are as follows.

  • Beneficial in slowing down the aging process.
  • Regular practice of this yoga is also useful in reducing the effect of age on the body.
  • Its regular practice increases the immunity of the body and gives freedom from infections and diseases.
  • Considered beneficial in reducing the side effects of hereditary problems.
  • Considered beneficial for the reproductive system of women.
  • It is beneficial in reducing the problems related to menstruation in women.

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