Benefits of cooking services for the Elderly

Elderly people living in major cities like Hyderabad or Mumbai require even more nutritious meals than those staying in the outskirts. Major cities have pollution and germs; hence, getting proper nourishment in old age is crucial for better immunity and strengthening your body from diseases.  

Just like elderly people require nurses to manage their medicine dose and administer vaccines. It is equally important to have cooks at home who can prepare and manage the daily meals on time.  

By availing of cooking services in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, and other major cities. Elderly people can easily sort their dietary and nutritional requirements from the comfort of their homes. 

According to geriatric studies conducted globally, most elderly people need special cooking services and nutritional meals to better their health; however, doctors do not address this at many geriatric care facilities.  

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Anvayaa addresses this gap present in the field of geriatric care and therefore provides cooking services in Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai. As a part of their home nursing care plans.  

The cooking and domestic help services provided by Anvayaa include proficient personnel. Who can prepare special diets for elderly patients who have dementia or are in post-operative care? 

Let us understand the benefits of having cooking services for the elderly people: 

Reducing pressure on familial caregivers 

For family members living in metro cities, it becomes difficult to manage the nutritional needs of elderly people. Family members juggle with their own busy schedules; hence, they are often unable to efficiently manage the meals of their elderly parents. 

Sometimes, elderly patients require special meals cooked at a particular time as prescribed by the doctors. It needs to be served in a timely manner before the elderly patient takes the medicines.  

Family members or familial caregivers who have hired cooks and domestic. Who are not proficient in making and managing special meals for the elderly; it becomes quite tedious to guide and instruct them. 

Therefore hiring special cooking services in cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai. From Anvayaa reduces the burden of family members and familial caregivers as the cooks have experience and expertise. In making preparing and managing special nutritional meals for the elderly in a prompt manner. They coordinate with nurses and prepare the meals in accordance with the routine prescribed by the doctors. 

Proper coordination with NRI family members  

Family members who stay abroad or in another city often find it difficult to communicate and instruct cooks and domestic help to prepare special meals for their elderly parents according to the diet chart prescribed by the doctors.  

Also, these cooks do not have the nutritional expertise to understand the ingredients needed to prepare these meals. They can make it too spicy or bland, which the elderly patient might not like to eat, or it may be extremely harmful to their health. 

Anvayaa’s cooks and domestic help are proficient and have expertise in geriatric nutritional care to prepare special meals for the elderly that are healthy and tasty.  

Secondly, they communicate with the NRI family members in regular intervals to give updates about their parents’ health. They also understand the instructions or changes in the dietary needs prescribed by doctors and execute them efficiently.  

Timely meal preparation  

One of the major challenges in the nutritional care of geriatric people is the timely preparation and serving of meals. This disrupts the routine prescribed by the doctors.

All of these instances make the process of recovery even more difficult.  

Elderly people with special medical needs have to be given meals at the right time; any fluctuation can seriously affect their health.  

Anvayaa’s cooks and domestic help understand that elderly people need more time to digest the food. And prepare the meals early and in coordination with nurses so that there is no gap for administering the medicines.

Flexible and customized meals 

Sometimes, the diet chart and the nutritional plan of the elderly patient change. For patients with dementia or those in post-operative care. The doctor may change their diet plan from semi-solid food to a complete liquid diet as per the diagnosis of their health.  

Cooks and domestic help have to be flexible to create customized meals for elderly patients. As per the changing dietary needs of the patient.  

Cooks and domestic help generally work in many households; hence they might hesitate to prepare such customized meals efficiently.  

Hence, Anvayaa provides cooking service personnel who prioritize making customized meals for the patient. They do not rush to cook for other households.

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