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Benefits of Using Unity Game Engine for Mobile Game Development

Unity report shows,

  • 94 out of 100 top gaming studios across the globe choose Unity over other game engines.
  • 50% of all mobile games drive power from the Unity game engine.
  • Every month approx. 5B downloads take place on the apps built with Unity.

Sounds impressive, right?

Based on graphics, networks, immersive technologies, etc., several game engines are available out there.

Unity 3D dazzles among the rest.

From J.P. Morgan, Ubisoft, Niantic to Jacobs Dallas, many big business enterprises worldwide use the Unity platform to build their products.

The number of games built with Unity has reached up to 500+million in the count. (Unity)

Game design and development hold a special place in the app development industry. And Unity has a fascinating place in the entire game development space.

So, what is the fuss about 3D game development with UnityWhy do video game designers and studios prefer Unity for mobile game development?

Let’s find out.

Benefits of Using Unity Game Engine 

A few options for indie game development are Unity, Unreal, or Game Maker.

Whether it is a puzzle or strategy game, Unity is the most flexible and out-of-the-box option among all three. Moreover, the Unity game engine stands on the foundation of fantastic physics, 3D rendering, animation, etc., aiding game developers to create stunning prototypes.

  • The global video game market will reach 545.98 billion by 2028. (Fortune Business Insight)
  • The mobile gaming industry will grow at a CAGR of 12.3% between 2021 and 2026. (Mordor Intelligence)

The new gaming freaks worldwide are looking for new features for a better gaming experience. Hence, competition for mobile game developers is growing impactful.

Following are a few ways the Unity game engine helps game studios and developers to build video games sure to survive against time and among competitors.

Cross-Platform Game Development

Cross-platform integration turns out like an integral part of mobile game development. Unity allows game developers to build multiple video games for various platforms. Whether PC, mobile, or console, Unity offers peerless supports for cross-platform integration.

Simplified Coding

Due to the cross-platform framework, the game developer finds it effortless to implement his coding skill for 3D game development with Unity.

  • Unity supports multiple programming languages like C+, JS, Boo, etc. The hands-on experience in C+, C#, Boo, JavaScript prove extremely helpful for developers to build straightforward game development.
  • Game developers don’t need to waste their time learning specific languages to navigate Unity.

No matter how complex the gameplay is, the developer finds it easier to carve out with the Unity game engine.

AR and VR Integration

By 2024, the global VR video gaming industry revenue will swing high to $2.4 billion. (Statista)

  • AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are among the most exciting technologies on this planet. The fact that AR and VR are the new solid foundation of video games is beyond any doubt.
  • The captive 3D gameplay experience, the revival of 3D, interactive elements. etc., are alluring gamers to spend more on immersive video games.

Unity 3D game engine allows the game designers and developers to explore AR, VR, and MR-based video game development. Game developers can exploit Unity to create a remarkable, immersive gaming experience suitable to the targeted market.

Reusable Assets

  • Asset design and development is an integral part of video game development. Assets add functionalities to the gameplay.
  • During the game development pipeline, game asset design development may undergo several changes as per the requirement of the client company.
  • If the gaming content changes, the assets require modification or changes also.

Unity game engine allows the developers to reuse the game assets instead of scrapping them forever.

Unparalleled User Experience

While building video games, whether for mobile or PC, user experience matters the most for developers. Game developers always want to put bewildering graphics to make the players feel the gaming world is real.

  • The asset store of Unity 3D makes it easier for the designers and developers to create a real-world-like game environment.
  • It allows the developers to explore a range of 3D models for shades, animation, different textures, and others components to make the user experience better.
  • Unity even allows the developers to purchase game assets, sound features, etc., as per their requirements. Whether it is game asset design, graphics, animation, or creating sound effects, Unity masters all.

Effortless Assembly

The developer has to assemble all the components and elements of the game application before the game launch.

With Unity, the developer doesn’t require external software and tools to assemble the elements of the game. The developer can effortlessly assemble all the game components directly on the desktop, Smartphone, and console.

Easy Debugging

While indulging in 3D game development with Unity, developers find anomaly detection and debugging a piece of cake.

Since developers can watch all the game variables during the gameplay session, bug fixing becomes effortless.

Wrapping up

So, it goes like this: Unity 3D is impeccable for developing video games and mobile games. This game engine is an outstanding choice for game developers and gaming studios to create graphics-loaded, immersive technology-dominated video games.

If you are scouting around searching for a tremendously creative and effective gaming studio that can handle end-to-end 3D game development with Unity, you have come to the right place.

We at EDIIIE one of the best SaaS development company, offer the compact and the most comprehensive solution for game designing, development, and marketing. We take pride in our expert’s effort to push the fun and entertainment in video games out of all barriers using Unity game engine and others like gaming platforms.

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